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Celebration of Learning 2021 poster presentations quick reference

Here is a quick reference to the poster presentations for Celebration of Learning 2021. For full listings and abstracts, see poster presentations by major A-H and poster presentations by major I-Z.

The poster presentations listed below are YouTube videos. You are encouraged to leave questions and comments in the "reply" section below the video. 

Presenters will be monitoring the replies to respond to your questions and comments. 
Presenters will also will be available for answers in "real time" between 2:30-4 p.m. on the day of Celebration of Learning, May 6.


Natalia Czachorowski: The Hispanic Diaspora in the Quad Cities: How Soccer Reinforces Identity Construction

Amber Hanke: Queer & Colonized: How Colonization impacted Gender Diversity

Biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience

Haider Ali, Ryan Sorenson: Relationship between BDNF and PGC-1ɑ in the Human Brain: Implications for the Role of Exercise in Parkinson’s Disease and Depression

Skye Dorisa Brugler: Land Use Drivers of Nitrate Levels in Crow Creek Watershed Tributary of the Mississippi River

Matthew Garcia: Biomimicry — Replicating Chameleon Skin

Tabitha Hoey, Eva Harvin, Sara Prier, Brendan Fleming: Masked social interactions and psychological distress: The effects of COVID-19 on college students

Allisha Ishaque: Isolation and Identification of Putative Antibiotic Producers from Soil

Beth Kuehnel: Isolating Antibiotic Producing Bacteria From Soil

Lauren Licursi: BDNF and HDAC5 expression in the human hippocampus following TBI: Relevance to epigenetic regulation of neurogenesis

Matt MacArthur: Amino Acids Crucial to the Function of Pyrroline-5-Carboxylate Reductase in M. ruber

Rachel McLeod, Joey Kreis, Camila Davila: Using an Allen Brain Map Data Set to Explore Relationships Between Neurological Changes in Alzheimer’s Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury

Sara Prier: Isolation and Identification of Antibiotic Producing Soil Bacteria: The TEPI Project

Sarah Spears, Margaret Lukas: Functional Connectivity Between the Right Amygdala and Temporoparietal Junction in Relation to Empathy

Iva Vucic: Experimental Design for Studying Silica Surface Interactions via Infrared Spectroscopy

Jacob Wyco: Tracking Residual-Yolk Triglycerides in Hatchling Painted Turtles


Ngoc Bui: Discovering Digital Marketing and the Effectiveness of Recruiting International Students


Allison Bandera: Timing and Nature of Surface Uplift of the Northern Range, Trinidad: an Analysis with Knickpoint Indices

Carson Cerquone: Evaluating Functional Diversity of Marine Mollusk Communities: a case study of Grand Cayman Island

Sydney Drier: Lithologic variability and provenance of Pleistocene bedload material in the Meredosia Channel of the Upper Mississippi River

Joel Padgett: Spatiotemporal Distribution of Neotectonic Activity in the Araya-Paria Peninsula, Venezuela

Autumn Peele: Rib Histology of Edmontosaurus and Triceratops: an Analysis on Suitability for Determining Ontogeny

Quintin Powers: Gastrolith Identification and Replication by Means of Artificial Digestion


Oscar Peterson-Veatch: Improving our Understanding of Neutron Detection after Isotopic Decay

Liam Russell: Entangled Single-Photon Interference from SPDC Source: an Experimental Design


Madison Bonati, Emmy Sharaan, Emily Szabo, J.J. Thaw, and Emma Gannaway: Conversational synchrony and communicative success in masked and virtual interactions