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Celebration of Learning 2021 panel presentations quick reference

Here is a quick reference to the panel presentations for Celebration of Learning 2021.

For full listings and abstracts, see panel presentations by major A-H and panel presentations by major I-Z.

9:30-10:45 a.m.

Public Health Senior Inquiry projects: Panel I

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DiAngelo Gonzalez: COVID-19: Race, Ethnicity, and Lack of Representation of Diverse Populations in Medical Texts

Sherifah K Muzungu: Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Homeless Population

Jessika Lobb: Exploring a Relationship Between STD Incidence in Adolescents and State Sex Education Policy Inclusiveness in the United States

Joe Timm: Pandemic Communication Strategy: Creation of a Survey to Enhance Infrastructure with Public Organizations

Political Science Senior Inquiry projects

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T.J. Coleman: Bridging the Divide on Campaign Finance Reform
Shelby Limbach: “Real Policing is Done When the Gun is in the Holster”: Evaluating Law Enforcement’s Policies for Responding to Mental Health Crises

Owen Greenfield: The Constitutionality of Current Legal Representation of Low-Income Americans

Philosophy Senior Inquiry projects

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Will Ford: Truly Loving Your Fate

Kayley Larson: The Misunderstanding of Free Will Believers on Nietzsche

Elyzabeth Sherrell: Disabilities and Society Through the Lens of Nietzsche

Business Administration and Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Alex Hart: "Constructing Speech In Danish": A Therapeutic Model for Danish-speaking Children with Apraxia of Speech

Freja Hager: An Exploration of Generational and Gender Preferences in Management in the Workplace

Ngoc Bui: Discovering Digital Marketing and the Effectiveness of Recruiting International Students (This presentation is available as a poster session on YouTube.)

Molly Marie Bastida: Listen up! Your ears are irreplaceable, it's up to YOU to protect them... now!

Texas Medical Center, Neuroscience

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Camila Davila: Case report: patient with a 15-year history of extensive psoriatic arthritis has a remarkable response to secukinumab

Morgan Rottinghaus: The Process of Medical Illustration

Kalli Majewski: Mania & Creativity

Art History Senior Inquiry projects, Panel I

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Jordyn Strange: French Gothic Rose Windows

Sydney Ion: Neoclassical Influence on Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Jordan Delinski: Analyzing Fashion as Art and History

Kaitlyn Normoyle: Rebels Among Revolutionaries: Women Impressionists

Faculty Panel I

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Dr. Brian Leech: Digital Extraction Is Real: the Environmental Consequences of Data and Bitcoin Mining

Dr. James van Howe: Green New Logic

Dr. Hyeong-Gyu Choi: AI-driven customers service and its effects on customer satisfaction and brand affinity

11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Public Health Senior Inquiry projects, Panel II

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Margaret Ramos: ¿Qué son las pruebas genéticas?: Bringing awareness to Hispanic/Latinx individuals in the Quad Cities regarding Genetic Testing and Counseling

Taylor Kies: “Treatment for Substance Use: Barriers to Care in the Quad Cities and How Quad Cities Harm Reduction Fights Against Them”

Kara Eder: Distanced Donations: Addressing Concerns Regarding COVID-19 and American Red Cross Blood Drive Safety in Schools

Bobby Papiernik: Small Text, Big Meaning: Prescription Labels and Patient Health Literacy at Walgreens Pharmacy

Political Science and Classics

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Alli Kestler: It's Not EU, It's Nationalism: Brexit, the United Kingdom, and Independence

Alyssa Twilbeck: The Syrian Crisis: An Outlook For Change

Vladislav Novikov: The Rhetoric of Sallust and the Fall of the Roman Republic

Religion Senior Inquiry projects, Panel I

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Caleb Gruden: Colonization, Exotic Capital, and Popular Culture. The Trifecta that has Shaped American Vodou

Joseph Knapik: From Spiritualism to Spirituality, The Remnants of a Victorian Movement

Chloe Anderson: American Ideals and Pauline Freedom: Redeeming Scriptural Concepts of Freedom from American Politics

French Senior Inquiry projects, Panel I

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Shannon Rees: Characters of Racine and their Myers-Briggs Personalities

Morgan Lynch: How Betrayal is presented in the Works of Jean Racine

Jason Palmer: Indecision in Racinian Tragedy

Kathryn Boyle: The Ties that Bind: Parent-Child Edition

Honors, History and Mathematics

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Megan Hoppe: Making History: The Research, Sewing, and Wearing of Reproduction Dresses, 1865, 1900, and 1915

Jordyn Strange: The Polish Experience: How a Nation Fought the Nazis

Maria Wood: Through Her Voice: Early Settler Women in the Quad Cities

Olivia Smith: Don’t be Deceived: The Importance of Number Literacy

Art History Senior Inquiry projects, Panel II

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Monica Thompson: “Ever Yours, Vincent”: The Effects of Van Gogh’s Mental Health on his Art and Self-Image

Monica Thompson: "Ever Yours, Vincent:" A Virtual Exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh

Zoey Krawczyk: Advocating for the Amateur: Recognizing Amateur Photography as Art

Charles Nawara: A Painting’s Worth a Thousand Words: Using Rhetoric as a Means to Analyze Art

Faculty-Student Research Collaboration: Psychology

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Lauren Licursi, Haider Ali, Kalli Majewski, Dr. Christopher Moyer: Veganism, Motivation, Process, and Identity: Findings from Semi-Structured Interviews

Faculty Panel II

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Dr. Peter Xiao: "Push and pull" since Siena

Dr. Roman Bonzon: Defining Art

Dr. James van Howe: High-speed Detection of Single and Entangled Photons

1-2:15 p.m.

Public Health Senior Inquiry projects, Panel III

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Andrew Goodwin: Athletic Identity: Understanding Mental Health in Student Athletes at Augustana College

Christianne Albers: Independence and Information: Nutrition Education Among a Refugee Population at World Relief

Alison Ng: Why Water? Addressing the Gender Disparity to Increase Interest in the Water Industry for Her2O™ International

Pre-engineering and Physics

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Joshua Lawrence: Experience at Solar Plastics as an engineering intern

Kristian Mrazek: Python Modeling of Algol- and RS CVn-Type Binary Star Systems

Georgia Votta: Trace Fitting of a Charged Particle Detector Telescope

Nicholas Muskopf-Stone: Using and Creating Web Applications to Explore Thermal Comfort

Religion Senior Inquiry projects, Panel II

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Molly Bastida": “Love your neighbor as yourself”… easier said than done according to the Catholic Church

Miranda Sharp: The Mediation of Christianity within Trauma Recovery: Association Between Christianity, Posttraumatic Growth, and Social Support

French Senior Inquiry projects, Panel II

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Gillian Nevins: Depression Within the Theatrical Works of Racine

Megan Hoppe: Royal Decrees: An Analysis of Soliloquies in Racine

Kaley Kearns: The Role of Women in the Tragedies of Racine

Noah Damien:Senior Inquiry on Jean Racine

Allison Kestler: Strange Gifts: Inheritance in Racine's Plays


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Daniel Zwiener, Emmanuel Yeboah, Ngoc Nguyen, Matthew Corke: Famous Impossibilities

Psychology, LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation)

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Megan Schlebecker: Offender Alcohol Usage on Sexual Assault Survivor Post-Assault Alcohol Consumption

Teresa McKay, Kalli Majewski: The Effect of Disgust on Directed Forgetting

Diangelo Gonzalez: Selection of Aptamers for the Dengue Virus NS1 Protein 

Studio Art

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Rachel Oliver: Revitalized

Jordan Delinski: Same But Different