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Celebration of Learning 2017: Oral presentations and performances session V

SESSION V 7-8:30 p.m.


Keila Saucedo
Project advisor: Dr. Jane Simonsen (history, women’s and gender studies)
“Only I”

“Only I” is a compilation of vignettes that I have been writing, editing and toying with since I began my academic career here at Augustana. My conjugated oppressions and experiences as a woman of color in the United States largely inspire the content. The production is meant to emphasize the healing and inspiring aspects of creating art among community members. “Only I” is a project about the experience. The work of the show though is not the performance, but the way that we hold our sacred rehearsal space. In attempts to decolonize both the process and the show, we will be working under an ensemble style; wherein no one position is held higher than another. Using theory pulled from Renato Rosaldo’s “Culture and Truth” as well as care-focused feminism, “Only I” attempts to push the boundaries of what it means to participate in art. This inquiry will be put on a stage unabashedly. Not to shame, blame or hurt anyone but because it is a truth, a story that needs to be told.