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Student honors celebration, May 10, 2023

Center for the Study of Ethics Essay Contest

  • First place: Emma Hogren, "The Commodification of Death: Chain Funeral Homes and Their Impact on Clients and Employees"
  • Second place: Ben Finkenbine, "The Ethics of Maquiladoras"
  • Third place: Zamzam Mohammed, "Environmentalism: Flint Michigan Water Crisis"
  • Honorable mention: Samantha Exner, "From Heparin to Xenotransplantation: Perspectives on Porcine Material in Medicine"
  • Honorable mention: Henry Sothern, "The Right of Privacy & Confidentiality in Healthcare"

Arthur E. and Dorothy Dahl Leadership Scholarship

     Kara Grace West

Geifman Endowment “Response to the Holocaust” competition

  • First place: Katie Frese, poetic trilogy, "Three Foreign Bodies"
  • First place: Alice Pellemoine, poetry, "My Butterfly"
  • Second place: Abigail Ernst, research essay, "Where Words Cannot Express" 

Hasselmo Prize for Academic Pursuit

  • Zach Horve
  • Lucas Fahnoe

Honor Council Service Recognition

  • Jack Kaczmarek
  • Aubrey Lathrop
  • Joseph Marcucci
  • Isaac McConnell
  • Mackenzie Norville
  • Isabella Provinzino
  • Amanda Quinn
  • Kara Grace West

Audre Lorde Prize

Short analytical essay

  • First place: Gavinya Wijesekera, "Queer Sexual Enlightenment as a Gateway to Attaining Selfhood and a Means of Subversion of Heteropatriarchal Power in Alice Walker's The Color Purple" (Dr. Kiki Kosnick, WGSS-350)
  • Second place: Patricia Plachno, "'Yellow Fever' + Pornhub Statistics: A Sociological Sickness" (Dr. Kiki Kosnick, WGSS-350)
  • Honorable mention: Kara Grace West, "Gender as an Environmental Stressor in Individuals Predisposed to Mood Disorders: A Preliminary Analysis" (Dr. Eric Stewart, WGSS-335)

Long analytical essay

  • First place: Blake Traylor, "Hosts/Saints/Witches: Women and Food under Catholicism in Love Medicine" (Dr. David Crowe, ENGL-490)
  • Second place: Carly Davis, "Starving Magpies and Drowning Daughters: Narratives of Captivity and Consumption in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club" (Dr. David Crowe, ENGL-490)
  • Honorable mention: Nicole Grafon, "The Challenges of Making French Gender-Inclusive: How to Stop Leaving the Non-Binary and Genderfluid Community Out" (Dr. Kiki Kosnick, FYH-102)

Creative expression

  • First place: Audre Lewis, "Autistic Gold" (Dr. Jane Simonsen, WGSS-330)
  • Second place: Elena Haffner, “Kathleen Hanna: An Investigation into Riot Grrrl” (Dr. Jane Simonsen, WGSS-330)
  • Honorable mention: Janey Locander, "Anatomy: The makings of me" (Dr. Jennifer Heacock-Renaud, WGSS-130)

SAGA Art and Literary Magazine Awards

Art award

  • First place: Jack Beemsterboer, "business as usual"
  • Second place: Aubrey Lathrop, "Familiarity"
  • Third place: Lainey Terfruchte, "Under Violet Skies"
  • Honorable mention: Aubrey Lathrop, "Piper Rose"

Poetry award

  • First place: Blake Traylor, "184 (My New Dog Chews These Old Shoes Now)" and "I Could Read My Fortune But/I Keep It in My Pocket"
  • Second place: Carly Davis, "Eldorado Parts 1 & 2 (Two Drunken Envelope Poems)," "Patrilineal," and "Psilocybin Poem #1"
  • Third place: Lainey Terfruchte, "honeyed superstitions"
  • Honorable mention: Aubrey Lathrop, "Southern Illinois" and "Daddy Long Legs"

Prose award

  • First place: Carly Davis, "Townie"
  • Second place: Lainey Terfruchte, "The Nature of Mercy"
  • Third place: Blake Traylor, "Lena"
  • Honorable mention: Lainey Terfruchte, "Buried Under the Bull Thistle"

Barbara Anderson Miller Award for Best All-Around Piece in the Magazine

     Lainey Terfruchte, "Buried Under the Bull Thistle"

Cover Art Award

     Lainey Terfruchte

2023 Texas Medical Center Summer Research Internship Program

  • Leslie Bandera
  • Amen Bekele
  • Hiuling Chan
  • Madeleine Feltner
  • Brook Fieldman
  • Emmeline Kenealy
  • Addison Larson
  • Rachel Nandelenga
  • Amanda Quinn
  • Adam Torry
  • Nick Weilbaker

Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research

     Brandon Johnson, "When Numbers Lie"

25th Annual Vázquez-Valarezo Poetry Award

  • First place: Carly Davis, "Seattle Song"
  • Second place: Carly Davis, "Untitled Girlfriend Poem"
  • Third place: Carly Davis, "the transmachine"