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Halloween Heywire

Heywire invites all students to their Halloween-themed show. Students are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes.

Heywire — Newbiewire

All students are invited to come see Heywire induct their 8 new members into an improv show dubbed Newbiewire. 

Heywire is Augustana's improv group on campus. All shows are improvised and based on suggestions from the audience.

MPB Comedy Club — Orlando Baxter

MPB Comedy Club invites all students to a night of comedy with a performance done by Orlando Baxter. Baxter is known for his performances on NBC's Standup for Diversity Case and TBS's Conan. Augustana's own Heywire group will open for him. 

Heywire holiday comedy special

Students are invited to attend Augustana's improv troupe, Heywire, for a holiday-themed show. The show will have special guest openers, Outside The Box. 

Heywire Final Show of the Year

Heywire, Augustana's improv group, will be performing their final show of the year. It will also be a farewell to the group's seniors. 

Heywire improv show

HeyWire will welcome everyone back to campus with its first improv show of the term. 

Heywire during a practice

Heywire competes for laughs

Heywire, Augustana’s student improv group, offers students a break from the stress of college life. To broaden their abilities for a wider audience, the group recently competed for the first time at in the llinois Collegiate Improv Regionals.