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How to keep a safe distance indoors and out

Students, faculty and visitors on campus for the fall 2020 semester will see directions and signs on how to keep a safe distance indoors and out.

At the main entrances to campus, visitors will be welcomed and reminded of the requirements for social distance and masks.

Most directions related to traffic flow will be communicated through signage, including graphics on the floor or sidewalk, sandwich boards and posters. Additionally, rope stanchions will be used in some places. 

When people are walking on campus — inside a building or outside on a sidewalk — they should keep to the right, allowing the most social distance when they pass one another. 

In areas where foot traffic is especially heavy or walkways are narrow, walkers will be routed on a one-way path. This is likely to occur in the dining center, Brew by the Slough, library entrance, some walkways on the Quad, and a few other locations.

Inside buildings, stairwells will be marked. Where possible, there will be one stairway for people going up, and one for those going down. 

Elevators should be limited to necessary use only.Those able to use the stairs should do so at all times.

Elevators also will be marked. Capacity will be limited, and graphics on the floor will help individuals in the elevator stand at safe distance, facing the right direction.

Where possible, doors will be clearly marked with "In" and "Out' to minimize the possibility of cross-traffic. 

At classroom and lab entrances, the students in one class should not begin to enter the room until all of the students in the previous class have exited. Instructors are asked to help with the smooth transition between classes. 

Classrooms and labs will be marked with cleaning instructions. Augustana is adopting a “gym mentality,” meaning that students should clean and disinfect their spaces before leaving the room. Directions for cleaning desktops, chairs, keyboards, etc., will be displayed in classrooms and labs.