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Student activities and organizations, Greek Life and culture houses

Office of Student Life activities

Student activities provided by the Office of Student Life (OSL) will operate within the group gathering size limitations outlined in the Restore Illinois plan. In Phase 4, maximum group size is 50 people. 

Some traditionally large events will be offered virtually in fall 2020. 

Also, Augustana will host smaller multiple activities simultaneously while maintaining appropriate distance between groups. Rather than hosting one performer on campus for a large event, OSL will host several smaller events at the same time, or more frequently in a given week. 

Many activities, especially those that involve acts that have been in long-standing partnership with Augustana, will be offered several times throughout the evening or even multiple times on back-to-back days.

Similar approaches will be used by the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity and the Office of International Student and Scholars Services.  

Clubs and organizations

Clubs and organizations, intercollegiate athletics, music, theatre and Greek Life will meet virtually, reimagine their programs, and maintain small social circles.

All meetings on campus will remain virtual whenever possible. If a face-to-face meeting is necessary, those meetings should be held outdoors if weather allows. Some outdoor spaces can be reserved through Astra. 

Clubs and organizations will consider how to make activities meaningful, engaging and fun, even with limited attendance. They may wish to offer small but more frequent smaller programs, and look for ways to host activities virtually.

Clubs and organizations should consider implementing mini-clubs within their organizations. Mini-clubs could range from 5-10 people. 

Greek Life

Meetings will be virtual. Groups may use breakout rooms in Zoom to allow each pledge class to bond.

Other possibilities:
Using outdoor meeting spaces (i.e. Brew patio, Brunner amphitheatre, Quad, Evald patio). Some outdoor spaces are able to be reserved through Astra. 

Running shorter, smaller meetings at different times.

Making big/little pairs into groupings; pledge classes having meetings at different times.

Encouraging small groups of actives to be around campus to help with recruitment. 

No social gatherings will be approved until at least Oct. 15. This is in part because of the current rising trend of positive cases in Rock Island County but also to provide six weeks of acclimation to campus. 

Greek Life gatherings may not exceed 30 people during the fall semester. Attendees must bring their own food and beverage. Gatherings should be outdoors when possible. 

All social gatherings must be registered and approved 48 hours in advance. 

Culture houses

Culture houses are scheduled to operate this fall as they have in previous years. However, only eight students (masked) will be permitted in one culture house at any time. 

The director of Student Inclusion and Diversity will evaluate traffic flow and demand and determine if a sign-up process will need to be instituted as the fall semester progresses.