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Campus health and safety strategies

June 2020

Mask requirements

Masks, or other facial coverings, are required for students, employees and visitors on the Augustana College campus. Individuals must wear a mask when they are inside campus buildings, including common spaces in dorms. When an individual is outdoors and within six feet of another person, a mask is required. 

Expanded cleaning

Cleaning guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will be followed, and frequent-use and high-touch areas will be cleaned more frequently than in the past. Community members are responsible for cleaning the spaces they use. For instance, we anticipate students and faculty will help sanitize the classrooms they use before leaving.

Self-monitoring for symptoms

All members of the Augustana campus community are responsible for monitoring their health each day. Students are asked to check themselves for symptoms. They will be provided guidance about what to do if they have a fever or feel ill.

Temperature checks

Students are required to undergo regular temperature checks. Complete details about temperature check protocols will be provided by Aug. 1, 2020.

Contact tracing, isolation and quarantine

Augustana is developing protocols, consistent with the recommendations from the CDC, the American Health Association and the Illinois Department of Health, for contact tracing and to establish spaces to isolate a student who tests positive for COVID-19. The college also has plans to appropriately quarantine students exposed to COVID-19 to decrease transmission and prevent outbreaks.  

Health and safety training

Before returning to campus or coming back to work, students and employees are required to complete an online COVID-19 educational program. The program provides general information about COVID-19 and guidelines for preventing infection and reducing community spread. Education about COVID-19 and how to limit community spread will continue during the fall semester.

Visitors on campus

Policies are being developed for hosting visitors on campus, including campus events. We anticipate policies will be ready to share by Aug. 1, 2020.


Augustana will continue to be guided by the most recent CDC and World Health Organization guidelines and recommendations for domestic and international travel.

Posters and signage

Signage will be displayed around campus to encourage proper hygiene, provide health guidelines and reminders, and motivate students and employees to make good decisions about health and safety.