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Face coverings: Policy and expectations

The consistent use of face coverings on campus is intended to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. This face coverings policy addresses indoor and outdoor campus spaces. 

(Other policies on use of face coverings govern specific activities, such as athletics or experiential learning activities.)

All members of the Augustana community, and visitors, contractors and guests, are expected to:

• Wear face coverings correctly. Both mouth and nose should be fully covered (chin to bridge of nose). Approved face shields must be worn in the fully “down” position.

• Wear a face covering at all times in indoor common areas, including all classrooms and meeting spaces (even when six feet of physical distance can be maintained). 

• Wear a face covering in any outdoor area where it is not possible to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from others.

• Keep a face covering available at all times in case an unexpected situation arises where one is needed.

• Keep a supply of additional face coverings available to ensure a clean face covering is available as needed.

• Properly dispose of any non-reusable masks in the garbage (should not be recycled).  

• Maintain physical distance of at least six feet whenever possible even when wearing a face covering. 

Acceptable face coverings

Acceptable face coverings include reusable cloth masks composed of two or more layers of tightly woven fabric, or disposable medical-style masks that cover the mouth fully, the cheeks at least halfway to the ear, the nose above the tip, and extend below the chin. 

Masks, or neck gaiters, must be made of tightly woven fabric or from non-woven, melt-blown materials like those used in medical-style masks.

Face covering materials that allow visible gaps between the fibers in the mask where it covers the mouth, nose, cheeks or chin are not allowed. This includes yarn, string, rope, mesh, net or similar materials. 

CDC guidance states that reusable face masks should be washed after each use in a washing machine or washed by hand.

Face shields

Students who wish to wear a clear plastic face shield in place of a face covering must seek approval from the Dean of Students or Disability Services before making the change. 

If a shield is approved, it must extend beyond the chin, wrap at least back to just in front of the ears on both sides, and must have a headband that sits snugly against the forehead with no gaps between the forehead and the headband or the headband and the shield.