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Requirements for student gatherings, remaining on campus

Aug. 24, 2020

The requirements outlined here are effective immediately. They are issued in an effort to avoid much stricter limitations later, including moving to distance learning for the entire campus for part or all of the remaining semester.  

Student conduct on and off campus

Every member of the Augustana campus should be vigilant and use good judgment in support of public health. Part of being vigilant is following the principles outlined in Augustana Strong and the Augie Ally Pledge, along with new guidance that may be required to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Staying on campus until Sept. 14

Augustana students who live in on-campus housing are asked to not leave campus until Sept. 14, 2020, unless leaving campus is necessary for urgent necessities that can’t be obtained on campus or through delivery to campus.  

Students are encouraged to bring a two-week supply of necessities with them. While it is discouraged, students will be permitted to travel home (or to a relative’s home) during this period or go to off-campus jobs, if those jobs are at employers following state-mandated safety protocols.  

Size limitations on student gatherings

Non-Augustana sponsored (or approved) on-campus and off-campus student gatherings are limited to 10 individuals (with the requirement of masks and physical distancing) until the end of the third week of classes, when this policy will be reviewed.  

These rules apply to gatherings of Augustana students and gatherings with non-Augustana students.

Gatherings are defined as parties, hanging out or any other aggregation of individuals. In addition, the college’s rules concerning physical distancing and masks must be followed in all gatherings or social environments, including any gatherings of people no matter the size.

This 10-person limitation helps to suppress the transmission of COVID-19 where activities are not supervised by Augustana.  

The 10-person limitation will be reviewed after the third week of classes.

Limitations on visiting restaurants, bars and other venues

Until further notice, students who wish to go to restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues should go only where there are outdoor spaces (and only use those outdoor spaces), while at the same time following the college’s mask and physical-distancing requirements.  

Students who live on campus may not leave campus to go to these venues until Sept. 15.


Violation of the social gathering limit of 10 students, either on or off-campus, will result in immediate disciplinary charges along with interim actions that take effect immediately. 

These interim actions may include:

Interim suspension: The student is immediately suspended from campus and from attending classes.

Interim separation from campus: Immediately upon notice, the student is not allowed to be present on campus property, including residence halls;  status will be moved to remote learner.

Interim withdrawal of campus privileges: Immediately upon notice, the student will be unable to participate in specifically identified campus privilege(s).

Interim actions stay in place while the matter proceeds through the Student Code of Conduct process.