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Mutasayil, Tito Quinones

Artist statement:

tito quinones

This piece showcases a behavior that many of us demonstrate in our lives. In the Arabic language Mutasayil means wanderer in English, as we are all on a path toward a better future however, we do not know what that future is or what it holds yet. My work evokes many emotions carefully depicted with colors, shadows, and focal points within the composition. I can say that in my life of traveling the entire world since I was 4 years old that I have been a wanderer, constantly exploring my surroundings and discovering new opportunities. This piece was joyful for me to create as I know it will captivate my viewers, making it open for various forms of interpretation. Making a design that is diverse in its focal points, and colors creates a fun story for the viewer to try and interpret similar to how we all try to figure out our lives as we wander.