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Recharge Energy Drink, Ranjeet Chaudhari

Artist statement:

I have made posters, logos, brochures and other Graphic Design related items but I had never designed something marketing related. I challenged myself and thought I should do something I have never done before. My Senior Inquiry gave me a chance to make something I had never made before so I decided to design an energy drink label. 

I think designing the energy drink label was a bit of a challenge because first of all it was something new for me and secondly, I had to target the audience that would want to buy an energy drink. I did some research and looked at other energy drinks for inspiration and ideas. There are thousands of energy drinks in the market. I wanted to make something that is fun to look at and something that is attention grabbing even from a distance. I used many different color hues and color grades so that it would be fun to look at. The label is just like any other normal energy drink with the goal of energizing the consumer. Senior Inquiry gave me a chance to make something new that I had never made before and grow as a graphics design major. I am very thankful for this opportunity.