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A Different Way of Seeing: Works from the Sam and Ann Charters Collection of Swedish Art

"A Different Way of Seeing," Swedish art from 1877-1990, currently is available for exhibition.

The Swedish artists included in this exhibition paved the way for the groundswell of talent coming out of the Nordic region today. Many had studied in Paris and returned to Sweden with new skills and avant-garde ideas that renewed Swedish art. 

This exhibition features 29 works selected from the Sam and Ann Charters Collection of Swedish Art at the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art. Through the exhibition’s six sections, "A Different Way of Seeing" situates modern Swedish art within the broader, international conversation on the evolution of Modernism. 

"A Different Way of Seeing" spans more than a century of distinctively Swedish art, from 1877 to 1990. It highlights paintings, mixed media and additional works from artists including Georg Pauli, Lena Cronqvist,  Maria Fröberg and  Sven "X-et" Erixson.

About the Charters

Sam Charters is probably best known as an American music historian and producer, and widely published author on the subjects of blues and jazz music. 

Ann Charters, a professor of American literature at the University of Connecticut, first made her mark on the world with her biography of Jack Kerouac, which is the cornerstone of her long career as an esteemed scholar of the Beat writers.

In 1970, the Charters moved to Sweden, dividing their life between Stockholm and Storrs, Conn. Quickly finding themselves immersed and engaged with the new-to-them work of Swedish modernists, the Charters began collecting in Swedish art earnest in 1975.

Gallery of press photos:

Number of objects: 29 (27 framed, two-dimensional works; 1 wall-mounted, fiber work; 1 small relief sculpture)

Checklist of objects

Installation space: 175 linear feet; 1 medium-sized pedestal (with at least a 24” x 24” footprint)

Included: Identification label copy; 1,000 copies of interpretive booklet (more copies may be requested); selected high resolution images for web and print media

Exhibition interpretive booklet : The exhibition interpretive booklet contains two essays – the first is an essay by Ann Charters that reflects on her and Sam’s collecting practices, and the second, written by Augustana Teaching Museum of Art Director, Claire Kovacs, situates the works in the Charters Collection within the larger history of modern Swedish art.

The booklet acts as a way to situate the works in the exhibition within a larger framework of modernism, and provide audiences with something to take home, and continue to learn from, long after their visit to the exhibition.

Acknowledgements: This exhibition is proudly presented by Julie Hamann. Funds for the first printing of the interpretive booklet were provided by a grant from the Swedish Council of America.

Shipped in four wooden crates: Crate 1 ( 27"H x 54"L x 32"W); Crate 2 (53"H x 45"L x 24"W); Crate 3 (64"H x 53"L x 14"W); Crate 4 (45"H x 106"L x 18"W)

Currently available: Yes

Currently on view: No

Past exhibition locations:

American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN (Aug 27, 2016 - Oct 30, 2016)

Sponsoring institution requirements: Facilities Report outlining venue climate and lighting control; moderate security (limited access gallery; security supervised or armed security system for gallery at all times)

Availability: Four-month booking period includes transportation and installation time

Shipping and insurance: Participating organization pays round-trip shipping. Augustana Teaching Museum of Art will provide wall-to-wall insurance.

Rental fee: $5,000

Contact: Claire Kovacs, 309-794-7469

Gallery of installation photos: