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What you can expect from our enrollment team

A 2019 vote from the Assembly of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling resulted in the suspension of its Code of Ethics.

Therefore, at a time when many admissions offices are using the suspension of the Code of Ethics to introduce new recruitment tactics, the staff of the Office of Admissions at Augustana College felt it was important to make clear how we engage with our prospective students.

The commitments articulated here describe how we approach our relationship with students considering Augustana College. They represent what we believe are reasonable, ethical and professional ways to go through this important process together.

• • •

Here's what you can expect from the enrollment team at Augustana College:

We know the college search process can be more complicated and stress-filled than it should be. At Augustana College, we work with you in a way that reduces pressure and keeps your best interests in mind. Our goal is to have a student-centered focus throughout the entire Augustana experience.

A process that places you at the center. From allowing self-reported standardized test scores to hearing your story through the admissions interview, we see you at the very center of what we do. We want to get to know you, and so we take time during our review of the information you send us. And we want you to feel empowered to ask us questions to determine if Augustana is the place for you. We're here for you every step of the way.

Clear, accurate and timely communication. You'll get a ton of information from Augustana. We want you to have the latest and greatest information, while reminding you about important milestones during the application and selection process. We also have some very useful guides to help you make good decisions.

Our Public Service Program includes information about choosing a college and what a liberal arts college is all about. We continually update information about our academic and co-curricular programs, both online and in print, and Blogustana (our blog) gives timely information and advice on topics ranging from financial aid to campus life.

Transparency. You deserve direct and clear information throughout the entire college selection process. We are here to give you what you need to make the best decision for yourself, and we seek opportunities to do so. For example, our Net Price Calculator provides a detailed look at what it might cost for you to attend Augustana, and our Merit Scholarship Estimator provides you with insight into your eligibility for a merit-based scholarship. Along the way, we will always encourage your questions and will be direct in our responses to you.

The time you need to make a good decision. We continue to believe that May 1 of the senior year is a good time by which students can and should make their final college choice. Of course, some students will decide sooner, but we won't expect you to make a decision within a week or two of being admitted in the fall. We want you to have time to visit campus, experience the Augustana community, and consider all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our goal is to admit and enroll students who will thrive at Augustana and graduate. A college choice is not one to be rushed, and a hurried, uninformed choice benefits no one. So we will give you until May 1 to hear from all of the schools where you applied, and to make your decision knowing and considering everything that's important to you.

UPDATE ON MARCH 13, 2020: Due to precautions against the COVID-19 outbreak, Augustana College has changed its visit programming to include more virtual options. If you want to visit campus in person one more time before choosing a college, but cannot make it to campus soon enough for a May decision, we understand if you must delay your decision until June 1. 

Responsiveness and a caring person on the other end. Each member of Augustana's enrollment team is an educator, and our work is guided by purpose. We are committed to responding to your questions, concerns and ideas, and are glad to hear from you frequently. You won't get caught in "voicemail jail" here. You can expect to talk with a real person who wants to hear from you.

A sense of belonging. So that you may feel like a part of the Augie community from the start, we’ll do our best to honor your story and history. As a part of the application process, we invite you to share the important aspects of your identity so we can better communicate and connect with you. You can expect a choice of languages in admissions materials; Spanish-speaking campus tour leaders and admissions counselors; the opportunity to be addressed by any name and referenced by any pronoun you choose; customized financial aid meetings and appointments; and the chance to identify in any way that is true to you.

So as you begin (or continue) your college search, please know that at Augustana we are eager to know you. By outlining these expectations about working with our team, we hope you'll feel more confident as you navigate the complex process of choosing the right college.

As we aim to earn your trust throughout the process, we also want to clearly illustrate the benefits and advantages of an Augustana College education. We know other colleges will want you there, too. Once you’ve made your decision, we hope you will notify the other schools of your choice to become an Augustana Viking.