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Spring enrollment at Augustana College

Choosing to enter during the spring semester at Augustana College is quite common for new and transfer students.  Whether you've been admitted for the fall semester and that's no longer possible, or you plan to take the fall semester off, our goal is to make the deferred admission process easy whatever the case. 

Why defer enrollment?

Some students choose to bypass the fall semester and enroll in the spring following a gap year or semester, a need to remain home for a little longer, health concerns, VISA issues or because their plans have changed. 

How to request deferral

If you've been admitted to Augustana and, after choosing to accept admission, you need to delay entry to the college, you must pay the $350 tuition deposit and submit the deferred enrollment request form

The tuition deposit reserves your position in the entering class, along with any merit-based financial aid awarded.  Please contact the admissions office for more information on deferred enrollment. For international students, please contact 

Applying in the late summer or fall

Some students begin the college search later or discover Augustana College as a potential option later in the process. 

If you're planning to enter the college as a new first-year student in the spring, your admission and any merit-based scholarships will be awarded based on your high school transcript.

New first-year students can be evaluated based on their high school transcript for admission and merit-based scholarships for first-time entry for the spring semester. Please contact the admissions office for more information on spring enrollment for new first-year students. For international students, please contact

Transfering to Augustana mid-semester

Current college students interested in transferring from a community college or other four-year college or university are welcome in the spring semester. We offer the convenience of reviewing a student’s application using in-progress grades for course work underway during the fall semester. 

Learn more about transferring to Augustana.

J-term Jumpstart

Augustana College will offer a pre-enrollment opportunity for mid-year transfer and new first-year students. Students enrolling for the first time at mid-year may arrive on campus and move into campus housing in January in order to experience campus life and audit a 3.5-week J-term course—all before the start of spring semester on Feb. 5.

 The J-term Jumpstart has a flat $750 fee, which covers housing, a full meal plan, campus activities and J-term orientation. There is no cost for auditing the J-term class.* 

Participants can:

• Acclimate to the Augustana College experience before enrolling in a full course load.

• Make friends and connect with faculty members and advisors.

• Participate in campus activities, including varsity athletic practice.

• Experience an immersive three-week learning experience—whether to explore a possible major field or just satisfy your curiosity—by choosing from an on-campus J-term option.

• Transition to college life over the 3.5-week J-term, before things get busier during spring semester.

No matter which option you choose, experienced and passionate guides will ensure you get off to a great start.

Augustana College ensures an effective transition by offering the following programs for students who are entering the spring semester: 

• New student orientation for new first-year students 

• International Student Orientation 

• Transfer Orientation 

Each of these programs is specifically designed to make sure new students meet the right people to thrive on campus and have a full understanding of all of the options available to them. 

*Like all Augustana students, participating students will be expected to follow the Augustana College Code of Conduct and Honor Code, and to fully engage in the academic experience.