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How to ask for financial aid and scholarship reevaluation

Augustana College is committed to enrolling students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We reward academic excellence through merit-based scholarships, while offering need-based financial aid to make an Augustana education possible for a wide range of students. 

Our objective is to be fair and equitable in all that we do, and we must balance what the college offers in financial aid with the resources a family can contribute. We believe our scholarship and financial awards effectively achieve this balance. 

Because of the quality of experience provided at Augustana College, it is unlikely that we will be the least expensive college a student will consider. If our objective was to be the least expensive, then the value of what we offer would be compromised. Hallmarks of the Augustana experience, such as small classes, career preparation, strong mentoring relationships, undergraduate research, study away and student support services on a residential campus require substantial investment on the college’s part. 

However, we know there are occasions when our financial aid award may not align with a student or family’s expectations related to cost. And, while we will always remind a student of the value of the experience we offer and that an Augustana education is worth it, we know there are times when the dollars and cents simply don’t add up. 

On occasions when there is a mismatch of expectations, we invite students and families to follow the directions below to request that the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee reevaluate their award. 

To have a financial aid award reevaluated, students are invited to do the following: 

Step 1: Write a letter or email asking for reconsideration. 

A good letter is written by the student and includes new academic or financial information to be considered. Sharing information that was not available at the time a student applied for admission or financial aid is most useful during a reevaluation (e.g., updated test scores, seventh semester grades, etc.). It is also helpful if the letter includes the specific amount requested, and why.

Step 2: Provide documentation from comparable institutions.

If a reevaluation is being requested within the context of receiving a more generous award from another college(s), then the student is required to provide copies of those awards. Augustana College will only consider awards from comparable colleges with similar academic profiles. For example, a regional public university, community college or less selective regional private college is not comparable since the quality of instruction, services and overall experience differ from what is offered at Augustana. We also expect families to utilize all financial aid offered by Augustana (including Federal Direct Loans) when calculating out-of- pocket cost.

Step 3: Submit information to admissions counselor.

In most cases, it’s best for students to send their letter and copies of award letters from other institutions via email directly to their assigned admissions counselor. The counselor will share the information with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee for reevaluation.

The more information provided, the better. Information will be evaluated within the context of a student’s demonstrated financial need and academic achievements. 

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee considers appeals as they are received and will typically notify the student within seven days of receiving a formal request for reconsideration.

If you are seeking reevaluation based on significant family experiences that have affected your finances, then contact the Office of Financial Aid directly at 309-794-7207 or Special circumstances include substantial reduction in parent income, high medical/dental expenses not covered by insurance, a parent enrolled in college, private elementary/secondary tuition, etc.