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Symposium Days

Once per semester, Augustana devotes a full day to an alternative approach for learning and opens the process to the entire campus community.

The college believes this multidisciplinary approach to discuss a “theme” truly exemplifies the rich value of liberal learning.

Symposium Days include invited speakers, alumni, advising sessions and opportunities to practice the liberal arts and be involved with our community.

Fall Symposium Day has a rotating theme connected to Augie Reads. Spring Symposium is Celebration of Learning featuring original research and scholarship by Augustana's students and faculty.


Fall Symposium Day, Oct. 6: "Environments" program and schedule

We all inhabit many environments simultaneously: natural, social, linguistic, cultural, political, and economic. Each environment contains its own set of difficulties.

Join us throughout the day to participate in plenary and breakout sessions that address themes related to our multi-faceted environments.


Fall Symposium Day, Oct. 17: "What is Truth?" See complete program..


Fall Symposium Day, Oct. 9:  "What is a Life Well Lived?" See complete program.


Fall: Relationships, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018 See complete program.

Winter: Social Justice, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019 See complete program.

Spring: Celebration of Learning, May 1, 2019

Celebration of Learning is an opportunity to share original scholarship and creative work by students, faculty and staff.

This annual event gives students the opportunity to show their work and be a part of a campus-wide community of learners. Student presentations and performances will run concurrently with faculty and staff panels on scholarship and teaching. Featured student, faculty, and alumni speakers will be scheduled throughout the day.

Students from all disciplines are invited to submit proposals for presentations, posters, and performances from Senior Inquiry projects, Honors capstones, funded research or creative work and the like. 

Past dates and themes


Fall: Transformations, Thursday, Sept. 28

Winter: Privilege, Wednesday, Jan. 17

Spring: Celebration of Learning, Wednesday, May 2


Fall: “Crossroads,” Tuesday, Sept. 20

Winter: “Privilege,” Wednesday, Jan. 18

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 3


Fall: “Perspective(s),” Thursday, Sept. 17

Winter: “Social Justice,” Wednesday, Jan. 20

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 4


Fall: “Identity,” Wednesday, Sept. 24

Winter: “Social Justice,” Tuesday, Jan. 20

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 6


Winter: “Social Justice,” Monday, Jan. 20

Spring: “Celebration of Learning,” Wednesday, May 7