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The World of Harry Potter

Program dates: June 17-20, 2018

Program cost: $510

Includes lodging, all meals and any field trips. Students arrive on campus Sunday, June 17, and depart Wednesday, June 20.

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Course description

Now that the seven-book series is complete and eight movies have been screened, Harry Potter fans have a chance to step back and delve more deeply into the saga which experts have called "the shared text" of this generation. Participants in this unique Harry Potter immersion will learn to use interpretive keys such as alchemy to read the books at a deeper level and will experience how it helps our reading to learn traditional literary archetypes, such as the shapeshifter and the shadow.

The class will concentrate on "Deathly Hallows," comparing and contrasting how the book and the movies complement one another in exploring the deeper meanings of scenes and characters. Along the way, students will have a chance to discover their Patronus, use a Marauder's Map on a Hogwarts scavenger hunt, walk a labyrinth, and even play a bracing game of Quidditch.

Tentative schedule

Sunday, June 17

  • Check-in
  • Welcome reception

Monday, June 18

  • "Deathly Hallows," Part 1: Three scenes in the book and movie
  • Alchemy, an interpretive key
  • The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
  • Did Snape really love Lily?
  • A Harry Potter scavenger hunt

Tuesday, June 19

  • "Deathly Hallows," Part 2: Three more scenes in book and movie
  • Harry Potter, You, and The Hero's Journey
  • Was Voldemort Harry's Shadow?
  • A rousing Quidditch match

Wednesday, June 20

  • Discovering your patronus
  • The Ring Structure, a second interpretive key
  • Walking the Labyrinth
  • A unique Blessing/Sending ceremony

Instructor: Pastor Richard Priggie

pastor richard priggie
Pastor Richard Priggie

Pastor Richard Priggie has been the college chaplain for 14 years. An ELCA Lutheran pastor, he teaches an elective class in the first-year curriculum called The Soul of Harry Potter, which fills up within 24 hours of being open for registration every year.