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Anatomy of Injury

2020 program dates:
Session 1 check-in June 21, class June 22-23
Session II check-in June 23, class June 24-25

Program cost: $340

Includes lodging, all meals and any field trips.

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Course description

We will discuss injuries from the initial moments until the return to pre-injury levels of activity. Students will begin to apply fundamental concepts of anatomy and physiology to inform interventions regarding real-life clinical situations. 

We will introduce students to basic anatomy and physiology of the human body through demonstrations utilizing human cadavers and lifelike models. Students also will be exposed to introductory interventions including hands-on clinical evaluation, therapeutic exercise and real-time analysis of human movement. 

This course is designed with the student interested in health-care professions in mind. If you are excited about a career in the areas of physical medicine, athletic training and physical therapy, and strength and conditioning, then this class will provide valuable insight and experiences relating to the field.

Tentative schedule

Sunday, June 21 or Tuesday, June 23

  • Check-in
  • Welcome reception

Monday, June 22 or Wednesday, June 24


  • Basic science of foot and ankle (anatomy and physiology), with lab time
  • Orthopedic evaluation of foot and ankle
  • Balance and agility testing (foot and ankle)
  • Basic science of knee, with lab time
  • Orthopedic evaluation of the knee
  • Manual therapies of lower extremities



  • Basic science of the lumbo-pelvic region (low back/hip anatomy and physiology) with lab time
  • Orthopedic evaluation of the lumbo-pelvic
  • ACL injury caused by hip movement inefficiencies
  • Using flexibility programs to treat chronic low back pain
  • Hip labrum pathology
  • Daily wrap up

Tuesday, June 23 or Thursday, June 25


  • Basic science of the cervical spine/shoulder
  • Orthopedic evaluation of the shoulder
  • Body awareness and concussion risk
  • Rotator cuff pathology



  • Basic science of the elbow
  • Orthopedic evaluation of the elbow
  • Throwing mechanics (baseball/softball)
  • Basic science of the hand/wrist
  • Orthopedic evaluation of the hand/wrist
  • Gross vs. fine motor control/functions
  • Group clinical problem and presentation to class
  • Course wrap up and evaluation

Instructor: Brad Kennedy

Brad Kennedy
Brad Kennedy

Bradley J. Kennedy is professional faculty at Augustana and an instructor of biology. He earned a B.A. at the University of Northern Iowa and an M.S. at Creighton University.