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Semester Transition Graduation Agreement for students entering Augustana in 2018

2018 cohort

Augustana College will ensure that graduation in the allotted time span will not be delayed due to the transition to a semester calendar.  No credits will be lost due to this change. As long as you are making appropriate progress toward completing the requirements for a degree, you will graduate within 4 years.

However, the College has some expectations of you.  In order for this to happen you will:

  1. Declare at least one major prior to earning 60 credits.

Students should consult with their advisor to understand how decisions regarding changing and/or adding additional majors might affect timing of degree completion. For example, some majors require sequenced coursework and are not possible to complete in four years if coursework is not started prior to earning 60 credits.  Any problems due to declaring a major late would not be the result of the calendar change and would not be covered by this agreement.

  1. Meet with your major advisor(s), first-year advisor, or transfer advisor prior to registering each term, beginning in Fall 2018. You should keep your notes from each of your meetings.
  2. Be enrolled as a full-time student by the last day of registration prior to the beginning of the term. Enroll in available courses needed for your program of study, recognizing you might have to take a course that does not meet at your preferred time or with your preferred professor.
  3. Remain continuously enrolled from first term of enrollment (not including J-term) and make normal progress towards the degree, defined as the following:
    1. 27 credits after one year of continuous enrollment (three terms, May 2019) 
    2. 59 credits after two years of continuous enrollment (six terms, May 2020)
    3. 91 credits after three years of continuous enrollment (eight terms, May 2021)
    4. 123 credits after four  years of continuous enrollment  (ten terms, May 2022)
  4. Maintain good academic standing overall and in at least one major as determined the college. 

  5. Apply for graduation by the published deadline.

Date posted: May 10, 2019