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W.F. Eyster

Professor of English and history, 1875-1883

W.F. Eyster
W. F. Eyster

(This series of Notable Faculty profiles was written in celebration Augustana's sesquicentennial in 2009.)

W. F. Eyster was a product of Gettysburg College and Seminary. In the early days of the Rock Island campus, the institution was in great need of teachers. Eyster was recommended by English and philosophy professor Henry Reck.

At Augustana, Eyster assisted Reck with English classes beginning in 1875, and also taught history. Eyster lived on the ground floor of East Hall, along with professors Granere, Olsson, and Reck.

After Reck retired, Eyster was kept on staff for an additional year while the English department searched for a replacement. However, Eyster was not offered a permanent teaching position at Augustana due to his poor hearing. In the summer of 1884, Rev. G. W. Sandt took over as English professor