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Isidore John Broman

Professor of biology, geology, and astronomy, 1915-1917

I. J. Broman was a 1908 graduate of Augustana College. After graduation he returned to his home state of Texas, where he was hired as chief inspector of the mines for the state. Broman held this position from 1911 until 1915.

The natural sciences at Augustana College had been taught for 23 years by Professor J. A. Udden, who retired in 1911. His son, Anton Udden, an Augustana graduate of 1907, took over teaching geology and biology for several years upon his father’s retirement. However, in 1915 Augustana was again in need of a new professor for the natural sciences, and Broman returned to his alma mater, where he taught from 1915 until 1917.

In addition to the traditional courses in biology and geology, he also added courses in astronomy to the natural science department.

After three years of teaching, Broman returned to geological work in the southwest, taking a position as chief geologist for the Oklahoma and Kansas division of the Atlantic Oil Company. At Augustana, temporary teaching arrangements were made until the 1919-1920 school year, when Hal C. Yingling was hired to teach biology and geology.