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Using Starfish to ask for help

What is Starfish?

Starfish is a resource we use in many different ways at Augustana to support students. Your advisor might record notes of your advising appointments in Starfish, you might schedule a peer tutor appointment in the Reading/Writing Center in Starfish, or you might have received an email from Starfish letting you know an instructor raised a kudos for you.

Did you know you can request help through Starfish?

Requesting help

It is simple to request help using Starfish. All you do is “raise a flag,” which is like raising your hand. This video shows you how.

What kind of help can I ask for?

We are here to support you! You can raise any of the “flags” below 24/7, and you’ll be taking the first step.

Concerned about a friend
Use this flag to communicate a concern you have about a friend. Maybe you know your friend does not have a computer, or you know someone in their household is sick.

I’d like to speak with someone in the Academic Affairs Office.
Use this flag when you would like to speak to someone in the Academic Affairs Office about grade concerns, Honor Code Violations, or faculty complaints.

I’d like to speak with someone in the Dean of Students Office.
Use this flag when you would like to speak to someone in the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students Office serves students in a “trouble shooter” capacity in helping students get connected to other supports and services on campus and handling concerns that are not handled by other offices on campus.

I have a question, but I’m not sure who to ask.
Use this flag when you have a question, but you are not sure where you should direct your question.

I’m feeling very overwhelmed right now.
Use this flag to seek support when you are feeling overwhelmed.

I need help with my writing.
Use this flag to let the Reading/Writing Center know that you need help.

I need individual tutoring help.
Use this flag to request an individual tutor for a specific course.

Notifying the Dean of Students Office I missed class.
Use this flag to alert the Dean of Students Office you missed class, and you’ll receive information about  how to provide documentation for verification.

You can also change your preferred name and access support when you affirm your gender identity by raising flags.

I’d like to change my preferred name at Augustana.
Use this flag to change your preferred name at Augustana.

I’d like to affirm my gender identity
Augustana College cares about honoring your identity. Use this feature to connect with support that can help you navigate life on campus.