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Angie L. Carter

Angie L. Carter

Fellow Assistant Professor of Sociology

Angie Carter is a teaching fellow in the sociology, anthropology and social welfare department. Her research interests include social inequity, agrifood systems, social change and environmental justice. She completed her Ph.D. in the summer of 2015; her dissertation work studied Iowa women farmland owners’ land management.

She will apply her dissertation research findings to a participatory research project focusing on water quality and community in Iowa’s Raccoon River watershed, thanks to funding through the Leopold Center of Sustainable Agriculture and a Toyota TogetherGreen Audubon fellowship. She also serves on the board of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network and enjoys gardening, cooking and hiking.

Specializations: Environmental sociology, Rural sociology, sociology of food and agriculture, social inequality, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Welfare


  • B.A.,University of Iowa
  • M.F.A. Arizona
  • Ph.D., Iowa State University