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Exchange programs in Germany

Late applications for this program are being accepted on a first-come, first-enrolled basis until each program is filled to its capacity.

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Two different programs in Germany mean that there is a program for everyone, from students with no prior German language study through dedicated majors. Both of the Bavarian universities listed below offers a "summer semester," which runs parallel to Augustana's spring trimester, extending into summer, typically April-July.

Augustana has exchange options with each of these universities:

University of Passau: A school of 12,000 students in a city of 50,000 bordering Austria and the Czech Republic. Passau lies at the convergence of three rivers, an ideal location to visit Munich, Vienna or Prague and a great university setting on a wooded campus on the shores of the Danube.

Recommended for German, business, economics, history, communication studies and a wide range of traditional liberal arts majors.

University of RegensburgA university of 20,000 students in the bustling city of Regensburg (population 130,000) about an hour north of Munich. The modern campus sits just outside the city center. 

Recommended for German, biology, biochemistry, physics, business, education and a wide range of traditional liberal arts majors.

Eligibility: These exchange programs are open to any Augustana student with a 2.5 GPA or higher in their sophomore year or later.  There is no language requirement, though a knowledge of German is recommended, particularly for the program at Catholic University.

Anticipated program cap: 6 students per university per year.

Dates: The summer semester at each university typically runs from early April through late July.  Augustana also recommends that students enroll in the one-month orientation program in March.  This program provides German language instruction as well as an introduction to the university and the city/region. Credits from the German language program of orientation can be transferred back to Augustana as well as the semester course credits.  

Students should be prepared to remain in Germany through July (Regensburg) or through the second week of August (Passau) as the semester's exam period can extend 2-4 weeks after the end of classes.

Calendar: Each university operates on a semester calendar, with a winter and Summer semester.  For each the summer semester runs from April  to July, with orientation in March. This schedule allows Augustana students to enroll in the summer semester as an equivalent to Augustana's spring trimester. 

Students should expect to enroll in 12 credits of coursework and should be wary of potential overload charges depending upon their schedule for the rest of the academic year of their German program. Seniors should be aware that due to the late summer exam period for this program, all seniors who participate in a German spring trimester exchange will be listed as summer graduates.

Faculty contact: Dr. Lisa Seidlitz (German Studies in WLLC)


Students may choose from any combination of courses in German or English. Each university offers a wide selection of coursework in English for its international student population. Students may choose to study exclusively in English, with courses in their major field, or may opt to include study of the German language as well. At least one course of basic German is recommended so that students will feel more connected to the community and be more able to immerse themselves in local culture. 

All participants in the German exchange programs are expected to seek course equivalencies and approvals of courses prior to departure for Germany. This is much like the approval process for transfer courses at other American universities. Syllabi and course descriptions needed to obtain approval at Augustana are available from each university's website. It is highly recommended that students interested in any exchange speak with their major advisor to confirm that courses will benefit them as they move towards graduation.

Students on this, or any exchange, must receive a grade of C or higher on coursework in order to receive Augustana credit for their courses.

Program cost

Students on any of these programs pay standard Augustana tuition and fees. For students in Passau, a room in student housing is provided. In Regensburg, the university will assist students in finding housing, but housing is at student expense. Meals and all travel expenses are at student expense with all German exchange programs. Payments are made on the standard academic calendar, as if the student were on campus in Rock Island.

Students should be aware that there may be some additional fees to pay at either university.This may be related to housing or to registration. These are typically small fees (less than 100 Euro) and will be paid at the beginning of the semester.

Cost includes: Augustana charges include tuition and fees. For Passau only, the tuition payments to Augustana also include housing in Germany.

Cost does not include: Airfare, ground transportation, meals, health insurance and housing (Regensburg only). 

Housing: Housing in Passau is arranged by the university and is covered as part of the exchange.  Students in Passau live either in apartment/residence halls on the outskirts of campus or within the central city of Passau, within walking distance to campus. Housing in Regensburg is independent, but the university will assist students with housing placements and selection. In both cities a monthly fee is typical to pay for some utilities (TV tax, for example).

Financial aid

Students are eligible for all standard academic year financial aid for the Spring term spent in Germany. This includes any grants, scholarships and other college, state or federal aid which a student receives on campus. The lone exception to this is work-study aid, as work-study is not available for exchange students in Germany. These three exchange programs are also Augie Choice, Freistat and IOP Grant eligible. The $1,000 IOP Grant is competitive and limited in number.

Augie Choice: This program is Augie Choice eligible to any full-time student who has completed six terms or 60 credits at Augustana. Transfer students are eligible for Augie Choice after 30 credits or three trimesters on campus.

Freistat Grant: Students who plan to enroll in no fewer than six credits of coursework offered in German as part of these exchange programs are eligible to seek Freistat Grants of $2,000 or more.  The Freistat Language Immersion Grant requires that at least six credits of language study be completed as part of the program.