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Student research grant

Augustana Student Research/Inquiry Committee

Augustana College provides Student Research Grants to support major student research projects. The grants are designed to help cover costs associated with scholarly and creative projects, including travel for data collection, equipment purchases, incentives for study participants, etc.


  • Students may request up to $500 for research-related expenses.
  • Research projects must be overseen by an Augustana faculty member.
  • Students are encouraged to submit their research project to a conference or for publication consideration.
  • Students are expected to publicly present the findings of their research (on-campus presentation, conference, etc.).
  • Any equipment purchased with Student Research Grant monies will become the property of Augustana College.
  • Student research grant monies are not to be spent on travel to conferences for presentation of research (Please apply separately for a conference travel grant).


Note: To complete the application, students will need a project description, timeline, anticipated outcomes, total amount requested and a detailed list of expenses.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Shara Stough, 309-794-3376, or Dr. Kimberly Murphy, 309-794-3444, co-chairs, Augustana Student Research Committee.