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Student-Faculty Academic Partnership Grant

Augustana College provides Academic Partnership Grants to support student involvement in faculty members’ scholarly and creative projects. Students selected by faculty will undertake projects intended to enrich their scholarly interests and abilities and prepare them for advanced research of their own.

Students do not apply directly to the Academic Partnership Grant program. Faculty will submit a grant application on their behalf.

The application deadlines:

•    Summer 2020 Partnership Grants, March 9, 2020
•    Partnership Grants for the 2020-21 fall semester UPDATE: The deadline for fall academic partnerships has been extended until late summer 2020. An email announcement with the due date will be sent out in summer 2020. Please contact Kimberly Murphy or Shara Stough with any questions.
•    Partnership Grants for the 2020-21 spring semester – due date will be posted during fall semester

Smaller grants are available for shorter-term projects with a rolling deadline until funds are exhausted.

Students funded through the Faculty-Student Partnership are still eligible for Student Research Grant support for materials, etc., and reduced cost on-campus housing during the summer.


Faculty may request funding for one or more student academic partners for a period of up to one year. (If a project extends beyond a single year, the faculty member must submit a new grant application each year.)

Faculty may request funding for a student partner up to 96 hours per term, depending on the time required to complete the project. Students will be paid a stipend at the beginning of the term, which will be based on a rate of  $9.25 an hour, multiplied by the number of hours requested.

Student involvement in academic partnership work should average 6-8 hours a week over the course of the term during the school year. (Students should work no more than seven hours/week at other on-campus jobs during the duration of the paid partnership.)

For academic partnerships completed during the summer, faculty may request student funding for up to 320 total hours, depending on the time required to complete the project.  The average hours/week and number of weeks should be agreed upon in advance by the faculty member and student.  

Student academic partners must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of selection.

When taking part in academic partnerships during the academic year, students must be enrolled full-time at Augustana.

When taking part in academic partnerships during the summer, the student must have been enrolled full-time at Augustana in the prior spring term.

Student-Faculty Academic Partnership projects may not be taken for credit.

In disciplines in which it is appropriate, it is suggested that the student partner be named as a co-author or included in the acknowledgements.


If you have any questions, contact Dr. Shara Stough, 309-794-3376, or Dr. Kimberly Murphy, 309-794-3444, co-chairs, Augustana Student Research Committee.