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Celebration of Learning FAQ

Several questions about Celebration of Learning and presentation submissions have come from students and faculty, so here are some responses that may help others:

If presenting at Celebration of Learning (CoL) is a requirement for an SI (or research fellowship or paid internship), do I need to submit a proposal on the CoL form?

Yes! Every presentation, whether or not part of a class, needs to have a form submitted — it's the only way it will get onto the schedule and be included in the program book. It's also the only way you can get your free CoL t-shirt!

Do I need to submit the whole paper or poster now to the Digital Commons in order to be considered to present at CoL?

No! We just need your title, abstract, and type of presentation (oral, poster, performance, exhibition). If you have the paper/poster ready to submit now to Digital Commons, you can, but can also submit it any time, including after CoL. Presentations submitted to Digital Commons should represent the best of what students do and will need advising faculty endorsement separate from inclusion in CoL.

Who can see my presentation?

Depends. All abstracts and artists statements for CoL presentations are included in the program book that will be available on the Web and included on the Digital Commons — anyone with Internet access could see your name, abstract/artist statement. If you submit your completed project to Digital Commons, the paper/poster/images would be available for anyone to see; otherwise, it's whoever shows up at your presentation.

Will there be room for poster presentations?

Yes! Please note that posters take time to print and are not printed over weekends or evenings so posters need to be ready for printing no later than Monday, April 22 to assure all can be printed and ready. Plan accordingly!

How long are oral presentations?

Roughly 15 min. each, including questions. You should expect that same time as the default. Performances, group presentations and other presentations that cannot fit into that time can be accommodated, let us know when the presentation is submitted about any special needs. Where possible we will be scheduling hours as panels of 4 speakers and session moderators will keep the sessions on track.

Do I need to be a senior to present? (Variations: Can I only present an SI? Is it only funded work?)

No! Our goal is to showcase the best work our students do. It should be original scholarship and have the endorsement of a faculty mentor. While the presentations will primarily be from SIs, funded research/creative scholarship, Honors capstones, and the like, presentations are not restricted to those.

Can I only present work completed at Augustana?

No! As long as you are a current student and the work is endorsed by an Augustana faculty member, you can present. For example, students who completed summer REU research elsewhere are encouraged to present that work here.

Can I present after graduating?

Maybe. If the work was completed since the last Celebration of Learning and you completed your degree requirements in summer, fall or winter of this year, yes. Not sure? Drop me a note.

Can I be part of more than one presentation?

Yes! When you make your submissions, please indicate all other presentations you'll be part of. Thus far, we've been able to accommodate everyone's crazy schedules.