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Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help patients regain control over important job-related or day-to-day functions that may have been impaired through accident, disease or birth trauma.

Augustana's pre-OT program includes courses in biology, psychology, chemistry and physics. The flexibility of the Pre-OT curriculum allows a student to satisfy entrance requirements to any of the occupational therapy schools in the country, and it prepares students for success both in graduate school and in their career.

Augustana assists pre-occupational therapy students in gaining clinical experience. The clinical experience required for entrance into occupational therapy programs is made available through the college at a variety of clinics in the Quad-Cities area and beyond.

Note: Pre-OT is not a major; the student can major in any field; biology and/or psychology are most common. For more information, contact Pre-OT advisors Dr. Lisa Szafran for psychology majors or Dr. Lori Scott for biology majors.