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Post-Baccalaureate Coursework in Speech-Language Pathology

A two-semester program to prepare for graduate study application

Augustana College offers a two-semester post-baccalaureate course sequence to prepare students to apply for speech-language pathology graduate study.

This sequence is available to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) at or outside of Augustana College.

Students may enroll in two full-time semesters of coursework at Augustana to satisfy prerequisites for application to a speech-language pathology master’s program. Note that this is a non-degree option that does not result in a license or certification.

Tuition for this two-semester program covers 34 credits of coursework. The typical course sequence includes the following courses, but post-baccalaureate students should select their specific courses with a Communication Sciences and Disorders advisor.

For application instructions, or tuition and financial assistance information about the program, email Dr. Allison Haskill.

Fall semester

Introduction to CSD (CSD-110)

Anatomy, Physiology, and Science of Hearing (CSD-210)

Aural Rehabilitation (CSD-405)  

Research Methods (CSD-480)

Clinical Practicum I (CSD-490)

Complete 25 hours of guided observation electronically or in our on-campus clinic and serve as a mentee with a graduate student clinician with one client in the Roseman Center.

14 total credits

Spring semester

Neural Bases of Human Communication (CSD-410)

Anatomy, Physiology, and Science of Speech (CSD-205)

Audiology (CSD-315)

Phonetics (CSD-215)

Speech and Language Development (CSD-220)

20 total credits

Supporting courses

Other non-CSD required supporting courses also are required by most graduate speech-language pathology programs.

These courses should be taken before a student applies for admission to a graduate speech-language pathology program, and could be taken online or in person through a different institution or previously may have been completed as part of a student’s associate's degree or bachelor's degree program.

They include the following:

Biology (human or animal-focused)

Psychology, Sociology, or Anthropology course


Physics or Chemistry

Linguistics (recommended but not required)

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