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Course planning troubleshooting guide for students

I can’t log in to Arches.

Reset your password at this link. If that doesn’t work, contact the ITS Helpdesk

My Timeline doesn’t include next year’s semesters. How can I add them?

Click on "Add a Term" button above your Course Plan to add fall, J, and spring semester.

I haven’t declared a major yet, so I can only see Augie Ages Undecided on my Progress Report. How can I plan courses for my intended major?

Use the "View a New Program" button to get a Progress Report for your intended major.

I’ve planned a Perspective on the Natural World (PN) for next semester, but it doesn’t show up on my Progress Report as "planned."

Learning Perspectives, suffixes and PEA classes won’t show up on your Progress Report until you are registered for the course. See the note under each of these requirements. 

I’ve added a course to my Course Plan, but it won’t allow me to see or choose a section.

If you are planning for the next academic year, section information isn’t available yet. When your registration window approaches, click on the "schedule" tab where you’ll be able to view and select sections.

I included a Perspective on the Past (PP) on my Course Plan for next semester, but there are no seats available now that it’s time to register. What should I do?

It’s good practice to have multiple alternative courses ready to go in case you don’t get your first choices. Register for classes with seats available first. Then use the filtering options in the course catalog to find other courses that meet a requirement and have open seats. 

When I try to register for a class I have on my Course Plan, it doesn’t show any sections available.

Check the course description to see what semesters the course is typically offered. You can do this right from your Course Plan under Timeline. Confirm that the course is offered in the semester you have planned.

My Course Plan for next semester includes a course required for my major. But when I tried to register for the class, there were no seats left. Doesn’t my Course Plan hold a seat for me in that class?

Including a course in your Plan does not hold a seat for you. Your best chance of getting the class you need is to clear all restrictions well before registration. Register at your earliest opportunity. Talk with your advisor if you can’t get a course you need for your major/minor. 

My Course Plan (in "timeline") still shows some courses I planned but did not register for. How can I get rid of them?

Once you are registered for classes, use the "Remove Planned Courses" option above your Course Plan to remove planned (but not registered) courses.

When I print my class schedule, I see some courses I planned but did not register for. How can I get rid of them?

Click on the "Schedule" tab. In the list of courses on the left side, use the "X" to remove any courses you did not register for. Then they will no longer appear on your schedule when using the "print" option.

My advisor hasn’t reviewed by Course Plan yet, but it’s time for me to register for next semester. Will I be stopped from registering?

If your advisor has cleared your restriction, you’ll be able to register, even if your Course Plan has not been reviewed yet.