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Kaleidoscope class canceled today

Due to inclement weather, all March 25 Kaleidoscope classes have been canceled.

Course Planning Q & A for students

Q: What is Course Planning?

A: Course Planning in Arches allows you to create a visual electronic plan of your courses for the next full academic year. You’ll include major/minor courses and liberal arts core requirements. Then share your plan with your advisor and get feedback right in Arches. Advanced planning reduces stress and improves your likelihood of success!

Q: Haven’t I been planning courses already?

A: Until now, you’ve selected courses and sections prior to registering for each semester. Course planning allows you to plan courses for the entire upcoming academic year and get your advisor’s feedback.

Q: I plan my courses on paper now. Why is this better?

A: Your Course Plan is saved in Arches where you and your advisor can access it and share comments. Make changes any time. No need to worry about lost plans or notes. Arches will save you and your advisor’s notes and comments. Your future advisor(s) will see all of this information, too.

Q: How will I know what courses to plan?

A: You can work directly from your Progress Report in Arches to create your Course Plan. You can move back and forth between the two to create a plan that meets each graduation requirement.

Q: Do I have to declare a major before I can use Course Planning?

A: No! You can “View a New Program” in your Progress Report to plan courses for your intended major or minor.

Q: Why can’t I choose sections when I’m planning my courses? 

A: Course Planning covers a full academic year in the future so section information isn’t available yet. You’ll choose sections as you prepare to register for a specific semester. See the timeline below for more information.

Q: If a course is on my plan, does that guarantee I’ll get a seat?

A: Until you are registered for a course, a seat isn’t guaranteed. As always, your best chance of getting the class you need is to clear all restrictions well before registration. Register at your earliest opportunity. Have plenty of alternative courses ready. Talk with your advisor if you can’t get a course that is required for your major at this time.