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Augustana 2010 sesquicentennial


På svenska (in Swedish)

The 150 year history of Augustana College

Augustanas come together to celebrate Synod

Presidents pen histories of the college

Why Rock Island? How Augustana made its way from Chicago to Rock Island.

Henriette C.K. Naeseth, professor emeritus. Her name was synonymous with Augustana's vision of quality education.

Teapot Dome, the prank heard 'round the Midwest.

Women's athletics started slowly at Augustana but persistence paid off.

Old Main: Designs, domes and dolomite. It might have looked very different...

A celebratory history, from jubilee halls to Facebook.

The campus church altar rail revolution, 1966-83

The SS Augustana Victory served in WWII, Vietnam and in the commercial fleet.

The ban on athletics lasted for 12 years in the case of football.

How the Greek societies crept in under the guise of tennis.

Augustana and the civil rights movement.

Henry Veld, a leading conductor and Augustana icon.

An Augustana Day: women in the early years

Letter grades — did they start here?

The GI Bill®: a big impact on enrollment and outlook

Royal visits helped preserve our roots

Denkmann serenade: an outburst of joy for a new library

Choir tour of 1912 — some things don't change

The library and its noisy history

Science took root early at Augustana

1918: soldiers and influenza

The Temperance years at Augustana

Scrapbooks and social networking

Finding a musical identity

Natural history — hands-on

Lydia Olsson's diaries

Bringing Handel's musical religion experience home

Augustana Book Concern

"Entertainment" at Augustana: then and now

Augustana magazine

Memories of the Manhattan Project: Essays by or about Augustana alumni whose contributions were significant to the success of the Manhattan Project and the end of WWII.

How Augustana reached the heights in debate: D.A. Koch (later Bjornson) and Charles Lindberg made history on the national debate stage.

Observer front page

Jan. 11, 1934: "Did You Know That —"

January, 1919: "A Few Don'ts for the Boys"

Jan. 27, 1927: "Augustana Amazons to Travel for First Time Next Monday"

Feb. 3, 1949: "Old Main Snowed in to Delay Final Exams"

Feb. 19, 1964: "Concern for Civil Rights Inspires Augustana Fast Movement Proposal"

Feb. 24, 1965: "Resume Meets with Ambrose"

March 20, 1932: "Many Attend First Mardi Gras Staged on College Campus"

March 27, 1929: "Augie Social Clubs Will Not Be Permitted to Pledge Freshmen"

April 1, 1999: "Augie goes Catholic at Explore program"

April 1917: "Sixth Regiment Band of Illinois"

April 1904: "Augustana Pre-Medical Department"

April 22, 1948: "Ratify Student Union Constitution"

April 27, 1988: "Queen of Sweden Visits Augustana"

May 5, 1965: "After Flood Effort Rock Island Mayor Thanks Augie Students," photos

May 10, 1967: "New Hours for Seniors"

September 1919: "A Few Suggestions to Frosh"

Sept. 9, 1926: "Quad City Students More Than Half of Total Enrollment"

Sept. 13, 1928: "Sale of Green Caps Proceeds Rapidly"

Sept, 20, 1934: "New Rule Adapted Regarding College Class Attendance"

Sept. 27, 1967: "'Negotiations Now' Takes Poll to End War in Viet Nam"

Oct. 6, 1965: "Centrex Phone System Installed"

October 1918: "The S.A.T.C. of Augustana"

Oct. 18, 1967: "Bell Tower — Augie Myth?"

Oct. 30, 1969: "Library 'enigma'"

Nov. 13, 1952: "Hello from WAUG"

Nov. 21, 1929: "A Prehistoric Elephant"

November 1919: "Democracy in College Life"

Dec. 15, 1938: "Augie's All-American Drafted by Brooklyn"

Dec. 19, 1984: "Co-Ed Housing: Students Respond to new Survey"

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at