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Alumni remember President Emeritus Dr. Thomas Tredway

President Emeritus Dr. Thomas Tredway (1935-2022)

Dr. Thomas Tredway ’57, president emeritus of Augustana College, died on April 10, after a brief illness. He was 86.

“From the time he joined the faculty in 1964, through his five years as dean and especially during his 28 years as president, Tom Tredway left an indelible mark on this college,” said President Steve Bahls. “His leadership made steadfast Augustana’s commitment to the liberal arts and sciences.”

Alumni, staff and friends of the college shared memories of Dr. Tredway on social media, including:

"He really taught me to LOVE learning. My most valuable college lesson. RIP." — Jan Poppenhagen Moravec

"I was in Core B as a freshman in 1978 and he was one of our professors. It was so cool to take history with the president of the college. He was a special leader. RIP Dr. Tredway." — Linda McClain

"A wonderful and compassionate history prof." — Anna Anderson

"I never had him for class — I was afraid to take him — but when I was at Augie 50 years ago, he was one of “those” teachers you should take. Sorry I missed it! Rest In Peace. For all those that use the Tredway Library now — check out the man it was named after." — Dru Heggen

"My favorite teacher. So profound and deep." — Nancy Botkin Carlson

So sad to hear this news. I had him for several history classes in the early 70s. He brought a new love of history to me, to the point that I changed my major from music to history, and went on the get a master’s. He brought history to life and was also able to intersperse humor into his lessons as well. I graduated in ’74, the year before he made president, and was so happy for him. I knew he would do a great job. Prayers and condolences to his family. He was a wonderful person and a great teacher. I know he will be missed." —  Marianne Horn Higginbotham

"A fine and funny man. Worked for him as dean during my sophomore and junior years at Augie." — Jane Burden

"RIP Tom. Thanks for all that you did for Augustana and for generations of students." — Mike Schroeder

"Dr. Tredway was inaugurated my freshman year, and then I was honored to serve on his administrative staff for 20 years of his presidency. What a blessing he was to our college. Thank you Dr. Tredway. Prayers are with the Tredway family.:" — Sue Rector

"Very sad news. Dr. Tredway was a very personable president. He could be found walking the campus with students, or in the College Center. He was very friendly. I loved meeting his dog on the slough path. Sending my love and sympathy to his family." — Karen Erickson

Deep sympathies. He made me feel like I mattered at Augustana with his sidewalk chats: truly a legend." — Linda Donahue-Welter

"Thoughts and prayers for the family of Dr. Tredway. I remember meeting President Tredway my freshman year at a special welcoming event for our freshman class at his home. Felt so honored and humbled to have the Tredways open their home to us and make us feel at home at Augie from Day One. God bless Dr. Tredway. He helped make Augustana an amazing place to study and make lifelong friendships." — Elizabeth Murphy Burgess

"T squared laid the groundwork in the 80’s to a great school. RIP." — Brian Grimes

"One of his gifts to campus I remember was that he planted trees and more in the Quad." — Meg Grenke Knapper

"He was a kind man. And always gave Swannie a good run. May his memory be eternal." — Tom Pappas

"The end of an era." — Jeffrey Georlett

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