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Thanksgiving and winter break housing info

Here are move-out instructions for students in campus housing who are leaving campus for Thanksgiving:

Return your keys before you leave campus.

Hall desks (Swanson for those in TLAs) will be open from 8 a.m.-midnight Nov. 23-Nov 25.

If you plan to leave before Nov. 23, contact your CA to return your key, or bring it to the Office of Residential Life in Andreen.

If you leave campus on Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, call public safety at 309-794-7711 and the on-call CA will meet you to get your key.

Those who asked to stay past Thanksgiving will receive separate check-out instructions.

You will not need to pack all of your things and empty out your room unless you are not returning to campus for J-term or spring semester.

If you leave for Thanksgiving, you should not return to campus until the start of J-term or spring semester.

You can still sign up for break housing at

TLA residents who are approved for winter break housing can stay in their TLAs.

Residence hall students who are approved to stay past Dec. 12 will be moved into an empty TLA for winter break to have access to a kitchen during the break.  

(Any residents who decide to leave campus during the break will need to return their keys while gone. Call 309-794-2686 to make arrangements to depart.)

Before you leave:

· Clean your room.

· Pack valuable belongings and things you need for break.

· Remove clothes from the laundry rooms.

· Defrost mini fridges and freezers 24 hours before leaving (no need to defrost the large TLA refrigerators and freezers).

· Close and lock windows.

· Close blinds on first floor and open on all others.

· Take trash to the dumpster.

· Remove all perishable food.

· Unplug all electrical appliances in your room.

· Take fish or other approved animals home (if applicable).

· Lock your door when you leave your room.

· Return your room key to the front desk or to your CA.

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