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PBK 2024 banquet

On May 20, 2024, Augustana's Zeta of Illinois chapter of Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society held its annual induction ceremony, welcoming 46 new members selected from the graduating class of 2024.

Phi Beta Kappa chapter elects members from the Class of 2024

Augustana's Zeta of Illinois chapter of Phi Beta Kappa has elected 46 senior students to membership. Members are chosen for their academic achievements and demonstrated commitment to the ideals of a liberal arts education. Their names are listed below.

Only 10 percent of U.S. colleges and universities have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. These chapters select only 10 percent of their graduates to join. Augustana's chapter dates back to 1949.

New members

Bethany Abrams
Noah Anderson
Alexis Anderson
Lauren Anderson
Frank Baio
Kennedy Baldwin
Leslie Bandera
Luca Barba
Victoria Bernero
Viet Bui
Caitlin Campbell
Andrew Cochrane
Makaia Decker
Laine Degnan
Katelyn Dennis
Olivia Devore
Brianna Ebenroth
Tyler Estes
Lucas Fahnoe
Brook Fieldman
Carson Ghys
Amanda Gravelle
Julia Gromm
Elena Haffner
Jayla Hathorn
Zachary Horve
Jon Hutton
Dymitri Kanellakis
Celine Kapolnek
Anna Karcz
Madeline Kusar
April Lambert
Addison Larson
Alexis Qualls
Amanda Quinn
Samuel Rabideau
Mia Reese
Maria Rubi
Jason Smith
Joseph Sottile
Anthony Sus
Molly Sweeney
David Vaynerman
Nicholas Weilbaker
Kara West
Karli Wilson


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