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College announces tuition increase

Augustana College will increase tuition by $495 per term for the 2018-19 academic year.

Like most colleges, Augustana increases tuition annually. The amount is determined after careful assessment of opportunities to strengthen programs, extensive budget reviews, and comparisons with peer colleges and other schools in the state.

At the heart of each discussion is a fundamental question: Is the college providing a valuable education that prepares the whole student — mind, body and spirit — for continual growth and success?

As a nonprofit, private institution, Augustana relies on tuition, donors and endowment to attract and retain the finest faculty and staff, sustain and grow academic and co-curricular programs, maintain buildings, provide dining services and more. Because the excellence of an Augustana education is not something to compromise on, the college takes responsible budget stewardship seriously.

In January 2015, U.S. News & World Report released a report weighing the efficiency of highly ranked colleges and universities. This report ranks institutions able to produce the highest educational quality, according to their place in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges list, while containing spending. Augustana ranked No. 3 among the nationally ranked liberal arts colleges. This report on quality plus efficiency reinforces progress on a strategic goal for the college: focusing Augustana’s resources and innovation to create an extraordinary learning experience at an accessible price.

No matter what a college does to contain costs, tuition can be a significant challenge for families. Augustana College works diligently with students and families to make sure they take advantage of all financial aid options available. On average — after scholarships, grants and loans — an Augustana student pays about 40 percent of the total tuition cost.

Employers and graduate schools value graduates of liberal arts colleges. They want people with multiple skill sets who can think critically, communicate clearly, and hold themselves to high ethical standards. Augustana graduates have these qualities because the college continually provides students an educational experience that builds toward their success after graduation and throughout their lives.


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