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Very little water remains in the Slough Monday after a pipe broke Saturday.

Broken pipe drains slough

A very old city pipe under the Slough on campus collapsed Saturday morning, causing the Slough to drain. The water entered the existing drainage system, flooding parts of lower campus.

Beginning Saturday morning, college employees arrived on site quickly to assess and clean up flooding that occurred in Bergendoff, Centennial, the Carver Center, the Knowlton Outdoor Athletic Complex and parking lots in those areas.

The college is working with the city of Rock Island to decide best how to restore the Slough.

Operations today are normal on most of the campus. Areas that remain impacted are the Slough Path and parking lots near Carver.

Hundreds of students and staff use the Slough Path daily. A file photo shows why it's a favorite photo backdrop in autumn.


Sam Schlouch

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