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Audre Lorde Writing Prize winners announced

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program has announced the winners of the 2020 Audre Lorde Writing Prize (formerly known as the Mary Wollstonecraft Writing Award).

Long analytical winners

First: "Far from 'Mortal Danger': The Effects of Intentional Inclusivity in the French Language Classroom" by Rebecca Garbe (Instructor: Dr. Kiki Kosnick)

Second: "The Morphology of Sex: Tracking Change in the Sex Discourse at Augustana College" by Robert Burke (Instructor: Dr. Kiki Kosnick)

Honorable mention: "Disrupting the Androcentric Prison System" by Amber Hanke (Instructor: Dr. Jane Simonsen)

Short analytical winners

First: "Not Queer Enough: How Current Medical School Curriculum is Failing the LGBT+ Community" by Vanessa Iroegbulem (Instructor: Dr. Kiki Kosnick)

Second: "Give Name To The Nameless So It Can Be Thought" by Lalini Shanela Ranaraja (Instructor: Dr. Michelle Wolff)

Honorable mention: "Homeland, Reimagined in The Woman Warrior" by Tran Le (Instructor: Dr. Meg Gillette)

Personal/reflective prose winners

First: "I'm So Lucky To Know You." by Melody Konrad (Instructor: Dr. Kelly Daniels)

Second: "Masked Marginalization" by Moreen Akomea-Ampeh

Honorable mention: "The Bloody Truth" by Elizabeth Fulkerson (Instructor: Prof. Rebecca Wee)

Designed to recognize excellence in scholarship in women, gender and sexuality studies at the undergraduate level, these winning essays displayed excellent liberal arts scholarship and creativity.

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