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2022 J-term and spring semester registration

Registration for J-term and spring semester will begin Oct. 26 and continue through November. Students will receive a system-generated, automated email with their registration dates and times.

To check your registration date/time and active restrictions at any time, see your report in Arches called "My Registration Information."

All students are required to meet with the advisor in each major (or their FY advisor for new students) before registration. 

You may make both spring and J-term enrollment changes during your scheduled window.

Student-athletes who will be participating in their sport during J-term are required to enroll in J-term and should consult their coaches about preferred course periods.

All new first-year students, those seeking to work on campus during J-term, and anyone living in campus housing are also required to enroll in J-term

Be sure that you have cleared all restrictions on your record, such as paying tuition and fees, submitting your honor pledge, updating your emergency contact information in Arches, completing any required trainings and confirming the college has your final high school or college transcript on file. Clearing restrictions takes time and will only be performed during business hours.

If you miss your assigned registration window, consult with your advisor and the Academic Calendar to find your next opportunity to add courses.

If you have news, send it to! We love hearing about the achievements of our alumni, students and faculty.