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Why We Forgot the 1918 Flu: A Historian Looks at a Century of Pandemics

Dr. Lendol Calder, professor of history at Augustana College, will consider the global influenza pandemic of 1918. His presentation reviews America's response to the 1918 pandemic, as well as how the legacy of that tragedy has — and hasn't — shaped responses to subsequent public health emergencies.

This is one of the annual Frieze Lecture Series, a 23-year partnership between the Rock Island Public Library and Augustana College. This year's theme is "Global Crises, Past and Present."

Lectures will be offered online via Zoom. Registered participants will receive the meeting invitation via email. 

On Oct. 27, Dr. Rebecca Heick, assistant professor of public health at Augustana College, will present "Tip of the Iceberg: Understanding the Bigger Picture of Pandemic Disease Severity."