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Academic Records


Academic Permanent Record

The Office of the Registrar maintains each student’s official academic record. Official records (including transcripts and diplomas) may be withheld if the student has any outstanding financial obligation to the college.

When students transfer coursework to Augustana, that work is evaluated and recorded on the academic permanent record. Copies of the academic record are made available via the web after the transfer courses are posted. The applicability of transfer credit to a major or minor is determined by the appropriate department or program chair in consultation with the student.

Degree Progress Form

The Office of the Registrar provides support and assistance in the degree audit. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to meet degree requirements. Students and advisors may monitor their progress on an unofficial transcript or through the Program Evaluation on Arches. Major advisors and the Registrar will assist the student in this responsibility.

Certification of Major or Minor

Upon declaring a major or minor, a student may receive from the advisor a check sheet on which to keep track of progress toward completing require­ments. During a student's final term at Augustana, the major department or program submits to the Registrar certification for each major or minor declared, listing the required courses and certifying that upon satisfactory completion of that term's coursework the student will have completed the major/minor. However, it is the student’s responsibility to check to see that the program of study and any additional majors and/or minors are listed correctly on their record, and report any concerns to the Office of the Registrar at least one term prior to graduation.

Application for Graduation

Students must apply for graduation at least one term in advance and will be restricted from graduation starting in the fall of their senior year if they have not done so. It is strongly recommended that rising senior students complete an Application to Graduate in the summer prior to their senior year. The graduation application should be completed online. Only students who apply to graduate will receive a report of outstanding degree requirements and information about commencement.

The Augustana Degree

Augustana College awards the Bachelor of Arts degree upon completion of the degree requirements. The degree is noted on the transcript as the A.B. degree. A.B. refers to the original Latin name of the degree, artium baccalaureatus.


Finalizing the Academic Record

Once the degree is conferred at the date of graduation, the academic record is considered complete and final. No further changes will be made unless there is a documented clerical error. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Office of the Registrar of a clerical error within 30 days of the graduation date. See additional policies on enrollment and grade change requests.

If readmitted to the college, a student may return to campus and take additional Augustana coursework towards additional majors or minors or towards teacher certification. No transfer work will be accepted after the degree is conferred.