Augustana College


The first renovated rooms in Westerlin Residence Hall's Jenny Lind wing should be ready for move in by next fall. Junior Kayla Bushey provides a sneak peek and a look at the new student fitness facility.
demarre mcgill
Demarre McGill taught students that music performance is more than notes, showing how to use scenarios, movement and "controlling the silence" as well.
denver interns
The Augustana in Denver internship program gives students the added experience of practicing in their field while living in another part of the world.
edge center
Several new resources, including $150,000 in grants, will help students transfer college experiences to life as an entrepreneur.
summer academy
High school students can experience a unique college atmosphere and summer adventure by taking a course in the Augustana Summer Academy.
edge center
Students are trying to figure out how to get more people to order Pizza Hut online instead of calling on the phone.
zpk sorority
One of the best places to learn organizational skills lies within the world of Greek fraternities and sororities. The pillars of Greek life also include scholarship and lifelong relationships.


March 07

NCAA Men's Basketball Championships

March 08

Quad City Symphony Orchestra Concert

March 08

Orchestra of Exiles

March 09

Popular Astronomy Club
  • John Deere Planetarium and Carl Gamble Observatory
  • 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • More information