Augustana College


Seniors share their thoughts, their photos, and what they'll miss about life at Augustana.
Andrew Skalak of the Augustana Video Bureau captured this snapshot of Commencement and asked graduates about the future.
summer visit
High school and transfer students are invited to attend one of Augustana's nine Summer Visit Days through June, July and August.
murry and cindy gerber
Augustana has named its Center for Student Life as The Gerber Center in honor of the philanthropic support of Murry and Cindy Gerber.

When Jared Schroeder signed up to be the faculty mentor for the men's basketball team, he thought he was just a bridge between academics and the athletics. That turned out to be only one aspect of the job.

Augustana College: Work, Study, Succeed
Take a look at campus life at Augustana, where students work, play, study, create, research and travel so that they can ultimately succeed.
kayla bushey
Kayla Bushey ’16 designed a poster that got attention and now hangs at Augustana’s track. The message is simple: Don’t get nervous about “race,” whether it’s a run or a different skin tone.


May 30

Invasive species removal

May 30

Retro Rally

June 01

Quad Cities Senior Olympics

June 13

Art on Augustana's Campus