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The Augustana Fund

Top reasons to give to the Augustana Fund

1. To help our students afford a great Augustana education. More than 95 percent of Augie students receive financial aid. The Augustana Fund is a source of scholarship and financial aid for some of those students. A gift of any size, combined with others, can provide a scholarship that makes attending Augustana affordable for a student.

2. To provide the best experience for our students. The Augustana Fund supports the activities that make Augustana more than what happens in the classroom. If you were involved in any student activities when you were on campus — internships, choir, intramural sports, student organizations — the Augustana Fund helped make your experience great.

3. To continue the tradition of top notch programs. Gifts to the Augustana Fund provide resources to attract and retain great faculty; to try out new programs like the non-profit leadership certificate or add a sport like lacrosse; or to support a life-changing academic opportunity such as an intense summer research project with a science professor.

4. To be part of a community of alumni and friends who care about the college. Just like going to the polls, participation matters! Each year, all gifts, no matter the amount, combine to make a huge impact on the successful operation of the college. We know how great Augustana is without looking at rankings but U.S. News and World Report and other ranking institutions factor in alumni participation when compiling their lists of top liberal arts colleges.

5. To ensure Augustana remains one of the Top 25 Most Beautiful College Campuses in America ( 2014). We take pride in our lovely campus and it shows. We couldn’t add a fountain to the slough, or keep up on the tree trimming on our 115-acre campus without donors giving to the Augustana Fund.

6. Gifts to the Augustana Fund allow us to be flexible. After our Augustana families pay tuition, there is still a significant amount of money needed to cover the costs of providing a great Augie education. The Augustana Fund is a big part of meeting that need. These funds are used to respond to a crisis and to pursue opportunities as they arise.

For more information about The Augustana Fund, contact Cameron Hall, Director of Annual Giving, 309-794-7176.