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Augustana College is a residential campus with a three-year residency requirement. The college places a high value on the time students spend living on campus and considers residential living to be an important part of the educational experience. All full-time students are required to live on campus with the following exceptions;

  • Students entering their fourth year of college life
  • Students age 22 or older by Sept. 1 of the current academic year
  • Student who have been granted commuter status by the Office of Residential Life
  • Students who have received written permission to reside off-campus by the Office of Residential Life, the Student Policy Committee or the Dean of Student Services

Augustana College Themed Housing

There are a variety of housing options available.  We feel all of our halls and TLA are great places to live for all students. In order to better provide social opportunities and our faculty mentor program each of our halls have their own theme.  These themes are not restricted to a student's major or interest area but rather provide more structured socializing opportunities.  If a student is interested in a program offered in another area they are more than welcome to attend if space is available.

Andreen: Performing Arts

  • Attend Augustana performances
  • Visit campus and local galleries
  • Plan 1-2 trips to larger scale performances and art exhibits
  • Faculty mentor(s) involvement from arts related discipline interacting formally and informally with residents.

Erickson: Explorations

  • Work with career/internships
  • Faculty mentor from the humanities (philosophy or psychology)
  • Invite businesses/alumni to discuss majors and career development
  • Visit large employers such as Deere/Epic

Seminary: Adventure Education

  • Offer opportunities with students/faculty to go on trips that combine academic and interpersonal growth through experiential learning
    • Whitewater rafting
    • Campingo Hiking
    • Skiing

Swanson Commons: Leadership

  • First floor of East side is an Emerge Leadership floor with CA serving as the Emerge leader
  • Leadership curriculum utilized using "The Leadership Challenge"
  • Programming focuses upon leadership development
  • Mentorship program provided for upper-class students and first-year students 

Westerlin: Wellness

  • Programming and faculty involvement focused upon the 5 dimensions of wellness
    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Environmental
    • Intellectual
    • Career
    • Social

TLA:  Transitions

  • Focused upon transitions from undergrad to post-graduate areas of life
    • Grad school Applications
    • Employmento Living skills such as:  cooking, cleaning
    • Enrichment of interpersonal relationships

Summer Housing

Augustana College provides housing for both interns and students working in the Quad Cities during the summer months. This year we are offering both single and double room options. Dates that we can guarantee housing are June 1st - August 3. To apply for summer housing, please complete this form. Priority deadline for applications is May 1st. Placements will be released May 4-8. Applications will be accepted throughout the summer based on availibility.

Rates for summer housing are as follows for both Augustana and Non-Augustana students:

Single: Weekly $150 ~ Monthly $600

Double: Weekly $100 ~ Monthly $400

Further information is available upon request, inquiries should be sent to