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Exam Week Policies



The final examination schedule for the following academic year is published annually during spring term.

Students traveling in groups for an Augustana sanctioned event must have a group form submitted by the program director, coach or department supervisor by Monday of week 9. Please contact Liesl Fowler for a copy of the electronic form.

Please see the final examinations schedules and policies for the appropriate year linked below. If more than one schedule appears, please be careful in choosing the correct academic year.

2015-16 Exam Week Schedule and Policies

The following policy statements apply for exam week.

1. Final Exam Week: The eleventh week of each term is set aside for final examinations. The term "final examination" here means the last examination of the term, either comprehensive or unit examination.

2. Unit Exams: During the last week of classes no final examination may be given. A unit exam may be given only if it is in addition to the regularly scheduled final exam.  The Dean of the College must approve exceptions.  Papers/presentations may be due during the last week of classes with or without an additional final exam/assignment.

3. Change of Exams/Presentations: No final examination/presentation may be changed from its scheduled period except with the approval of the College Registrar.  Travel arrangements, vacations, employment plans and convenience will not be viewed as sufficient reasons to change an examination/presentation. The following are examples of reasons that are not approved: family events, transportation home or on vacation, flight times (regardless of booking date or destination), start dates for internships, job or graduate school interviews, summer coursework, employment, legal proceedings or jury duty, non-emergency or elective medical procedures and appointments, special events, etc. Students who make travel arrangements for any reason that conflicts with exams will be expected to adjust their travel plans, even if there are additional financial consequences for the student. Final exams at Augustana should be considered a priority over other plans. The deadline to submit a petition requesting to change a scheduled exam is the Monday of week 10 each term. Requests after this deadline will not be considered.

4. Take home examinations: Take home finals may be assigned with the final examination period as the due date.

5. Major  assignments:  Major assignments due during Exam Week in a class with no final exam must be assigned with a due date of the class's final examination period or 6:00 p.m. on Thursday of exam week.  Exceptions include assignments, such as art projects for public display, that have special scheduling needs.

6. Rescheduling Exams: A student may petition the instructor and the College Registrar to reschedule an examination if they are scheduled to have three examinations/presentations in one day. First-Year Foreign Language, Calculus or evening course examinations may not be the one rescheduled. A student desiring to reschedule an examination/presentation for a reason other than as stated here in #5 may petition the Office of the Registrar. A decision will be made by the College Registrar who may consult with the faculty member(s). Students scheduled for three or more final examinations/presentations in one day because of a multiple section examination may petition the College Registrar to be released from that final. Such students must be given the option of a make-up examination (or other suitable arrangement) by the instructor of the department giving the multiple section final examination (see multi section exams in #9 below.) No final exams will be rescheduled to take place outside of exam week (i.e. week 10.). The only exception is in the case of an emergency when an incomplete is assigned, and the exam would be taken at a later time following the conclusion of the term. For the purposes of rescheduling an exam for three exams in one day, a music jury may not be considered one of the three exams and music juries must be scheduled so they do not conflict with other exams/presentations.

7. Schedule Rotation: The final examination schedule will be rotated each term and each year.

8. First-Year Foreign Language and Calculus: Rooms for these examinations will be available three weeks prior to the end of the term.

9. Multi Section Exams: The periods from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Wednesday and from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for the scheduling of common final examinations for courses with multiple sections.  Instructors or departments may request a multi-section exam by emailing the Associate Registrar  and this request must be made prior to the start of the term. Faculty will receive a confirmation email when the multi-section exam date/time/location been scheduled. All final exam date/time/location should be published on the course syllabus and adhere to the final examination policies of the college noted here as well as meet the policies in the Faculty Handbook. Students scheduled for three or more final examinations in one day because of a multiple section examination may petition the College Registrar to be released from that final. Such students must be given the option of a make-up examination (or other suitable arrangement) by the instructor of the department giving the multiple section final examination.

10. Hourly Periods: Sections meeting during hourly periods, including labs, should consult their instructor regarding the time of their final exam. Some hourly period courses will have their final exam at the scheduled time of the closest corresponding period (i.e. an 8:30 a.m. hourly class meeting on Tuesdays corresponds with 8:30 class, both beginning at 8:30 a.m.) or meet the guidelines for module course exams below.

11. Module Courses: Courses that meet for fewer than 10 weeks may, upon the discretion of the instructor, give a final examination during the 10-week term or at the conclusion of the course. This alternate final exam time will be listed in the syllabus, or the exam will be given according to the published annual schedule.

12. Senior Inquiry & Independent/Directed Study: Finals Week presentations that fall outside the scope of regular courses should be scheduled at a time that does not conflict with students' other scheduled final examinations/presentations and on a day when students do not have two or more other examinations/presentations already scheduled.

13. Evening Classes: Courses that regularly meet in the evening will give their final exam on Wednesday of exam week from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

14. End of the Term: The Faculty Handbook notes that "the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees and the Faculty Senate have determined the end of the term to be 6:30 p.m. on Thursday of exam week unless an earlier date is specified in the instructor's syllabus."

Instructors who violate these rules should be reported to the Office of the Dean of the College.

The Dean of the College shall confer with the instructor and take appropriate action.


Make-up Examinations - If a student is absent at the giving of an examination, permission to make it up is at the discretion of the instructor. Appeals may be made by following the normal procedures for appealing a grade.


Approved by EPC 3-24-15

Adopted by faculty 4-23-15