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General Policies

2013-14  FINALIZED 2-3-14 

Students are subject to all degree requirements in place at the time they first enrolled, including all major, minor and general education requirements for the degree. With some exceptions, if degree requirements are changed, students have the option of graduating under the requirements in effect when they first enrolled at Augustana or under a more recent, active catalog. Students should see their department chair to determine which set of major/minor requirements will apply to their degree based on changes to the major/minor during their time of enrollment with the college. Students who wish to adopt a new catalog will be subject to all major, minor and general education requirements of the new catalog and must sign a form in the Office of the Registrar at least one term prior to graduation. Exceptions to this option include changes made by the full faculty that may specify a student's requirements to adhere to a particular catalog, set of newly adopted college-wide requirements or if changes are made to accommodate changes in college resource.

However, students who interrupt their attendance for more than three consecutive terms (excluding the summer term) are subject to all requirements in effect when they re-enroll. These students also may be required to complete additional coursework in their major or minor if the department or program chair determines that previously completed work does not fulfill a current requirement.

Changes in requirements for majors and minors are effective for the new catalog on the first day of classes in the fall term after the faculty adopts them.

Exceptions to degree requirements or policies are made by the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees when circumstances warrant. Students who wish to file a petition with this committee may obtain counsel and the proper form from the Office of the Registrar.

The major area advisor and the registrar provide assistance and information to students regarding requirements and progress toward the degree. An audit of progress toward the degree is called the program evaluation and is available on Web Advisor.

Note: The senior audit, program evaluation as well as academic guidance from advisors are all provided to students only for use in planning. It is the responsibility of the student to report any printed error to the Office of the Registrar. The responsibility for understanding and meeting degree requirements rests entirely with the student.

(The following exception applies to students who first enrolled at Augustana prior to fall term 2004-05 and who interrupted their attendance for more than three consecutive terms [excluding the summer term]): Such students may complete at any time before the beginning of the 2008-09 academic year the general education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in effect during the 2003-04 academic year. Any new major or minor requirements must, however, be fulfilled. If such students fail to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree before fall term 2008-09, they will be required to meet general education requirements effective fall term 2004-05 and thereafter. Returning students must meet the requirements in effect at the time they reenroll. The one exception to this will be the first-year sequence. Returning students who first enrolled prior to 2004-05 and who have previously completed a writing course will be able complete two Learning Perspective courses in place of the LSFY-102 and 103 coursework.