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Public health course catalog


LENA HANN, Assistant Professor
B.A., Cornell College; M.P.H., Iowa; Ph.D. Illinois

REBECCA HEICK, Visiting Assistant Professor
B.A., Augustana; M.S., Western Illinois; Ph.D. Iowa

CAROLYN HOUGH, Associate Professor (Anthropology), Chair
B.A., Knox; M.A., M.P.H., Ph.D., Iowa

DARA L. WEGMAN-GEEDEY, Professor (Biology)
B.S., Mount Union; Ph.D., Delaware

Major in Public Health

31 credits total. 19 credits from Core Courses, including PUBH-100, ANTH-220, PUBH-300, PUBH-460 (plus PUBH-INTR, 1 or more Credit/s), one course to fulfill the Ethics Requirement, and one course to fulfill the Statistics Requirement. 12 credits from Supporting Courses. Supporting courses should represent multiple disciplines, at least 6 of the 12 credits should be at the 300 level or above, and no more than 2 courses should come from a single department/program.

Minor in Public Health

18 credits total. 9 credits from Core Courses, including PUBH-100 plus two of the following three options: 1) ANTH-220, 2) One course to fulfill the Ethics Requirement, 3) PUBH-300. 9 credits from Supporting Courses from at least three different departments.

Ethics Requirement (choose one of the following):

PHIL-203 Social Ethics (PS, 3 Credits) PHIL-205 Life and Death (PH, 3 Credits) RELG-323 Sexual Ethics (PH, 3 Credits) RELG-325 Environmental Ethics (PH, 3 Credits) RELG-326 Medical Ethics (PH, 3 Credits)

Statistics Requirement (choose one of the following): BUSN-211 Business Statistics (Q, 3 Credits) COMM-380 Quantitative Tools for Communication Research (Q, 3 Credits) MATH-315 Probability & Statistics I (Q, 3 Credits) PSYC-240 Statistics (Q, 3 Credits) SOC-230 Social Statistics (Q, 3 Credits)

Supporting Courses

BIOL-299 Biology of Bioterrorism (1 Credit)
BIOL-343 Microbiology (3 Credits)
BIOL-370 Genetics (3 Credits)
BIOL-345 Immunology (3 Credits)
CHEM-115 Chemistry in Nutrition (PN, 3 Credits)
COMM-265 Intro to Health Communication (3 Credits)
COMM-405 Health Communication Campaigns (3 Credits)
ECON-225 Health Economics (PS, 3 Credits)
ENGL-225 Women, Health, in/and South Asian Literature (PH, G, 3 Credits)
GEOG-325 Urban Design and Sustainable Cities (3 Credits)
GEOG-374 GIS for Social Science & Business Applications (3 Credits)
LTAM-330: Environment & Health in Central America (PS, 3 Credits)
PHIL-319 Philosophy of Medicine (PH, 3 Credits)
PSYC-230 Victim Advocacy (2 Credits)
PSYC-420 Child Psychopathology (3 Credits)
PUBH-350 Health Behavior & Health Promotion (3 Credits)
PUBH-380 Special Topics in Public Health (3 Credits, may be taken more than once as topics change)
PUBH-399 Directed Study (1 Credit, may be taken more than once with a different focus)
PUBH-400 Independent Study (1 Credit, may be taken more than once with a different focus)
PUBH-INTR Public Health Internship (0-9 Credits)
SOC-303 Population Problems (PS, G, 3 Credits)
SOC-305 Social Gerontology (D, 3 Credits)
WGST-303 Gender and Sexuality (PH, D, 3 Credits)

Courses (PUBH)

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