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Academic Advising at Augustana

A defining feature of the Augustana experience is the opportunity that students have to work closely with faculty.  And while many of the opportunities to interact more directly with teachers-including undergraduate research, international study, and senior inquiry-often take place in the junior and senior years, one-on-one faculty advising begins as soon as a student arrives on campus.  Advisors serve students by helping them choose and register for classes, of course, but ideally, they also provide their advisees with guidance and support as those advisees develop into accomplished learners and responsible adults.

 These pages are designed to provide students  and advisors with support in both of these endeavors.  On the one hand, there are ample resources here to help students and advisors to select courses and build course plans.  On the other hand, though, the site also aims to provide support for students and advisors as those students grapple with larger questions: what should I major in?  What do I want out of my college experience?  What do I hope to do when I've finished my degree? 

Some of the resources that might be helpful to you:

            •Frequently update matrices that show, for each term, the open courses that support AGES requirements.

            • Detailed explanations of major and requirements, accompanied by departmental recommendations for the first year.

            • Course descriptions for AGES courses such as learning communities and LSFY courses.

            • Information and links concerning special academic opportunities such as international programs, internships, and senior inquiry.

            • Resources for first-year and major advisors as they respond to student needs and questions.