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Emerge Leadership Program

emerge session

Emerge is Augustana's award-winning leadership development experience for first-year and new students.

It helps students become influential leaders, encourages them to identify and use their personal strengths, and learn more about campus life.

This fast-paced eight-week program teaches everything from understanding the self and others to developing good communication skills.

2017 program sessions

Emerge includes eight 2-hour sessions on Monday nights during the fall term. Peer groups of 8-12 students participate with an upperclassman leader. Each participant also helps with a community service day project in the Quad Cities.

Emerge Orientation

You will meet 120 new Augustana students and the Emerge peer leaders, plus enjoy fun, interactive activities to help you make connections and set the stage for learning about leadership.

Self DiSCovery

Good leaders have a deep understanding of their leadership styles, know what motivates them, what causes them stress and how they approach and solve problems. Exceptional leaders can also recognize these qualities and tendencies in their teammates, and they are adaptable and flexible to the needs of the group. We’ll use a personal assessment tool called the DiSC to reflect on strengths and natural tendencies.

Diversity Competence and Communication

Explore the ways you communicate and work with individuals of diverse backgrounds in order to improve communication skills and diversity competence. Topics include verbal, nonverbal and written communication, as well as listening and technology.

Leadership Scavenger Hunt

You’ll be able to shape and define your leadership and communication skills by solving problems similar to the obstacles that leaders face in day-to-day roles, and practice how to work in a team dynamic in order to finish first.

Organizational Leadership

Those who embrace conflict can build understanding and better relationships, and they experience greater personal and professional success. But managing conflict is not easy. In this session, you’ll discover your own emotional triggers and learn how to manage difficult encounters with diplomacy, tact and credibility.

Escape Room

Put all your skills to the test by using teamwork to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room before your time is up.

How Will You Make Your Mark?

What will your leadership legacy be at Augustana? In this session, you will discover how to connect your passions and your commitments with opportunities on campus. You’ll tap into what energizes you. You also will create a personal vision to help you focus on the kind of leader you want to be on campus and in other parts of your life.

Closing ceremony

Augustana President Steve Bahls will highlight character qualities necessary for effective leadership. Participants will learn about the president’s view of getting the most out of the college experience. In the process, participants will learn more about the college’s 140+ student organizations as they get ready to use their Emerge leadership skills on campus and in the community.



2017 presenters

Emerge puts students in touch with professional level trainers. This year they include:

Natalie Keller Pariano, an educational consultant and leadership train, artist and business owner. Also known as "Sprinkler of Positivity Confetti."

Jermaine Davis has been teaching, coaching, and mentoring college adults for more than 20 years. He is professor of communication studies and organizational leadership at Century College and St. Catherine University in Minnesota.

Michael Miller speaks at colleges and universities helping both students and staff find and hone their leadership skills. He is a certified True Colors assessment facilitator and helps groups identify personality preferences and create strategies for better communication.